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Comparing the life of my Nanna to me, when she was my age.

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Emily Brown English Personal Writing: Non-fiction "Comparing the life of my Nanna to me, when she was my age." When I first heard about this task I was quite apprehensive as I thought it would be really difficult. I get on well with my Nanna but thought it would be a bit weird finding out about her childhood as I could never imagine her as a teenager. My Nanna is called Beryl Irene Stevens, formerly Knight, and was born in 1926 so is now 81 years old. She likes to knit garments for family members and especially excels in making woolen shoes for newborn babies. She is also a really keen gardener and has a large garden which she always has looking beautiful, whatever the season. My Nanna now has eighteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren, with another on the way. She has always been great inspiration for us all as she is 81 now but still acts a though she is in her twenties. She is never put off by any task and is always there to talk to when we need advice. She lives in Alvaston and has lived there for most of her married life. I was born in 1993 and am 14 years old. ...read more.


My Nanna's favorite thing to do was to go into the local village with Josie and look for all the toys that they wanted, even though they very rarely actually got to own them. My Nanna's favorite toy was a doll called Mary. She had long, dark hair and wore a beautiful pink dress. Apparently my Nanna used to dream she was real and would treat her as her own baby. She still has Mary next to her bed and hopes that she can pass her down in her will and she can become a family air loom. I spend most of my free-time with my friends at the park or I go shopping or to the cinema on weekends. I and my Nanna both love shopping and that is a big similarity between us. When asked about fashion, my Nanna said that she generally wore long, pleated skirts with a buttoned, white shirt. Apparently this was 'the fashion' of her day and she was not the only one who dressed like this. Also, hats were 'all the rage' in the 1920's and 30's and my Nanna showed me one of her old hats that she wore. It was plain white but with a very large bow on the front. ...read more.


My Nanna 'always looked forward to coming home and smelling that cake baking' in the oven. I cannot really relate to this as I never lived through world war two so can only imagine how life would have been at that time. I imagine it would be very scary that you would never know what was going to happen next. My Nanna and I don't really have many similarities. We both love to be with friends and both like to go shopping a lot. In a way, we have both lost parents in childhood as my parents are now divorced, but my Nanna experienced this in a much more extreme case. We have a lot of differences though. Whereas she was a very 'good girl' at school who always got her homework in on time but I however am not so good and regularly forget my homework. One big difference is that I have not seen the devastating effects of war first hand and can only wonder what it was like to live through that terror, 'not knowing whether your father and brother would come home' and in my Nanna's case, they did not. It has been really interesting and fun doing this coursework as it has made me and my Nanna feel much closer and has improved our relationship with each other. Emily Brown ...read more.

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