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Comparing the poems "Dr Mr Lee" and "Reports".

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Comparing the poems "Dr Mr Lee" and "Reports". In many of U A Fanthorpe's poems, she explores the themes of education and school. In my essay I am going to focus on two of her poems, Dr Mr Lee and Reports. I will discuss the similarities and differences between the two poems. The poem Dr Mr Lee is written from the point of view of a student, writing to the author of a book "Cider with Rosie". She is apologising for failing the exam and says how much she dislikes English and how much she enjoyed the book. Fanthorpe's critical of the way English literature is taught and examined. The student shows this by writing to the author of the autobiography "Cider and Rosie" and apologising for failing the exam. ...read more.


The tone of the poem is friendly. The student's attitude towards Mr Lee is shown by words such as "Dear Laurie" and "(sorry)". He brackets the word sorry to apologise for saying his first name. The poet uses only two full stops throughout the letter and jumps from one topic to another. This shows how excited the student is about Mr Lee, and creates the impression that the student is almost out of breath. "I'd just like to be like you, not mind about being poor see everything bright and strange, the way you do, and I've got the next one out of the public library, about Spain, and I asked mum about learning how to play the fiddle, but Mr Smart says Spain isn't like that anymore." ...read more.


"Born at the Sound Beginning, We mover from Satisfactory to fair, then find the subject difficult, Learning at last we could have done better." The tone in Reports is confident, assertive authoritative. In both of these poems, Fanthorpe is critical of the schools system. "Dr Mr Lee is criticising the way literature is taught by showing that the student never enjoyed English before and that exams spoil the enjoyment of English literature, for students like the one who writes this letter. Reports is criticizing the way teachers use their comments in the reports. Really they don't think about the students themselves. They write what come straight into their minds, or comments that won't lead to much discussion or get the teacher into trouble. The difference between the two poems is that "Dr Mr Lee" is written from a student's point of view and "Reports" is written from a teacher's point of view. Qasim Shaikh 11.C ...read more.

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