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Comparing The Subject Of Courage In "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee and "The Colour Purple" by Alice Walker.

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An Essay Comparing The Subject Of COURAGE In "To Kill A Mockingbird" by Harper Lee and "The Colour Purple" by Alice Walker By Reena Sodha The dictionary states that "Courage" is bravery/boldness or to nerve oneself to a venture. This idea is shown in both The Colour Purple and To Kill A Mockingbird in similar and in different ways. The Colour Purple involves courage to stand up against certain people, rather than morals and ideas, which is the main issue in To Kill A Mockingbird. Celie is the central character who has the most examples of courage although there are other people. In To Kill A Mockingbird, every character has his/her own views on courage which are expressed widely throughout the book. In To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout, who may be seen as the narrator, has her first chance to show her courage when she has to stand up to the new teacher and try to explain to her about the different pupils and what happens in the school. All the other children urge her to say something, as they are too afraid themselves. In contrast, in The Colour Purple, there is no courage when Celie knows that her father has taken her child and killed it in the woods, yet she does nothing about it, as she is scared of him. ...read more.


After a bad wedding day when her head was cracked open, she still stayed to cook dinner and clear up, when she could have easily ran away. This shows her courageous attitude, even towards people she may not care about that much for example, Mr. ___'s children. Celie has to cope without Mr.___ for days, and has to have his horrible sister over, Carrie, yet she still doesn't complain. Another example of Celie caring for others is when she has to leave school because she is "too big" by being pregnant. Even though she is very upset, she keeps on a brave face, because she knows that if she cries, it will upset her younger sister, Nettie, more than she already is. In To Kill A Mockingbird; Atticus, Jem and Scout's father, has many morals and tries to teach his children all the important things in life. No matter what anyone else thinks, he sticks to his morals, one of which is never lying to his children. He ignores Bob Ewell when challenged to threats, including being spat at. He also saves what he knows is important to others, i.e., when Miss Maudie's house burnt down, he saved her most prized possession - her armchair. Atticus also killed a mad dog, but not once did he boast about it. ...read more.


She is not scared of anyone and will let no man hit or hurt her. Instead, she would physically defend herself like in the example where she beat up her husband in defense. However, her husband Harpo is the opposite. He has no courage to stand up to Mr. ___ and tell him that he does not want to work. "He is strong in body but weak in will. He scared." In To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem is Scout's older brother and also shows courage. He goes to read to Mrs. Dubose and even has to take away any proudness and apologise to her for chopping off her plants. But he helps Scout fight Bob Ewell and even when they have to escape from Boo's house, he lets Dill and Scout go first. This shows the extent of his maturity and courage. Similarly, Mr. ___ shows courage, but only once. He admits to Celie that he's been scared and that she has taught him to be a better person. This is hard for him as he had beaten her and treated her badly, yet he fell to courageous defeat as he told Celie the truth. In conclusion, I feel that courage, although not always easy to see, played an important role in both The Colour Purple and To Kill a Mockingbird. It linked in well with both books and shows how courage is portrayed in different and similar ways. ...read more.

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