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Comparing three different short stories to see the connection between them. The Tony Kytes story is not very descriptive as it is mostly dialogue compared to "Half Brothers" which is mostly narrated and has hardly any dialogue. The third story "The Adven

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In this piece of work I will be comparing three different short stories to see the connection between them. I will be looking at three of the stories that we have read and be commenting on the way that the different authors use the figures of fathers and stepfathers. Now I will give some background to the three stories that I will be comparing. The first story is called "Tony Kytes the Arch-Deceiver" which was written by Thomas Hardy. It is written in the first person but we do not know who is telling the story and he is looking back at something that happened in the past.. This tale is about a man called Tony Kytes who has befriended three women and none of them know about the other women in Tony's life. The first women is called Milly and she is Tony's official girlfriend who thinks that Tony is going to ask her to marry him at any moment and they are unofficially betrothed. The other two are former girlfriends called Unity and Hannah. All three of them end up in the same wagon while Tony is trying to make sure none of the woman knows about the other. He then stops in a nearby field and asks his father who he thinks he should ask to marry him. ...read more.


This story is about a stepfather and two brothers the stepfather is the real father to the boy who is telling the story and his wife who died was the mother of Gregory who is William Preston's the stepfather's son. William always had treated Gregory badly an example of this is when William never acknowledges Gregory and if he does he is rude and obnoxious to him " one day his temper gave in and cursed and swore at Gregory " this is an example of how badly William often treated Gregory. But deep down William knew that his wife had all ways loved Gregory more then she had loved him "my father never got over his grudging dislike to his stepson who so innocently wrestled with him for the possession of my mother's heart" this is the main reason why William hated Gregory so much as he was never the full focus of her attention. This story is a tragedy, which is the exact opposite of Tony Kytes as that is a comedy. We are given a lot of background information about why William married Gregory's mother. William is the villain in this and it is easy to tell as he bullies Gregory and he is almost embarrassed to be seen with him. ...read more.


There are a few similarities in all three stories. They were all written in the nineteenth century and they all have a narrator. In each story the father or stepfather plays an important role. The two stepfathers are unkind to their stepchildren as they are not blood relatives, although Gregoriy's stepfather repents when Gregory dies unlike Dr Roylott who doesn't. The Tony Kytes story is not very descriptive as it is mostly dialogue compared to "Half Brothers" which is mostly narrated and has hardly any dialogue. The third story "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" has a range of both as there is a lot of background information to the story. All the stories that are narrated all look back at what has happened in the previous years. The "Half Bothers" and "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" are similar in a way as they both have wicked stepfathers who do not care for their step children. Compared to Tony Ktyes' father, these two stepfathers are evil. Tony's father is a typical strict Victorian father who only wants the best for his son, he is also Tony's father and not a stepfather. The other two men fit the stereotype of a wicked stepfathers, Gregory's stepfather is jealous of Gregory's mothers love whilst Dr Roylott just wants the girls money. However the end of "Half Brother", William realises what he has done and tries to make up for his past mistakes. ...read more.

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