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Comparing Three Poems 'Half-Caste' 'Search For My Tongue' & 'Unrelated Incidents'.

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Comparing Three Poems 'Half-Caste' 'Search For My Tongue' & 'Unrelated Incidents'. Each of these three poems talk about certain problems faced by specific groups of people in today's society. The poems have been written specifically to illustrate to people who have been brought up with derogative ideas about different types of people, that there are people who are different, but are neither superior nor inferior to themselves. The main themes that run common in all 3 poems are the ideas of individualism, respect, culture and equality. The poem 'Half-Caste' by John Agard talks about the stereo typed judgement about half-caste people in society today. John Agard's main argument in the poem is that being a half-caste person does not make you half a human being. He talks about how people make 'assumptions' about half-caste people. "...and when I'm introduced to yu I'm sure you'll understand why I offer yu half-a-hand..."


Tom Leonard also uses this effective technique in his poem from 'Unrelated Incidents'. This poem talks about status and social acceptance. Leonard talks about how people are reluctant to sit secure in the knowledge of a person with an accent, compared to someone who speaks with what is thought of 'proper', standard English in an English accent. He puts across the idea of how naïve and narrow-minded people can be. "...if a tokaboot thi trooth lik wanna yoo scruff yi widny thingk it wuz troo..." He suggests that people would believe anything from the mouth of a 'proper' speaking person, no matter how insane it may be and totally dismiss what a person with an accent like his, is saying. Even if it was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so to speak. The way in which he has put this idea across is by using what is very commonly known to be quite English a typical example of where this sort of discrimination occurs.


She explains how hard it is to keep your mother tongue healthy in a place where there is no use for it, and eventually it would become useless and you would eventually forget it about it. She talks not just about language but her whole culture and how she was brought up, what she was brought up to believe and live by and how society and different cultures sometimes make you forget. However she gets across to the reader that somehow, sub-consciously while she dreams, she dreams in her own language and reminds herself of her language and that she is still who she has always been and always will be. "modhama pakay chay... it blossoms out of my mouth." The tongue is described to blossom out her mouth jus as she thinks she has forgotten it. This imagery of blossoming is beautiful and emphasises how important it is to be who you are because it is beautiful from whatever background and culture you belong to. Farah Muman 11L Miss Butt

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