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comparing two advets

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Taher Miah English Mr Goldsmith Comparing the two adverts The two adverts target two different personalities of human beings. The Oatbakes target the customers who are trying to live a healthy life. The Cadbury target audience is people who don't mind treating them selves. Both of these adverts are perfect for their audiences as they use different ways of persuading them. One of the main selling points of this advert is that the cereal is baked not fried. This is shown by the woman in the advert is wearing mitts. You only were mitts when you are placing something in the oven. Furthermore the slogan 'oven baked for extra taste' this is a unique selling point at the time this breakfast was soled to the public it was the only cereal that was baked. This is why Kellogg's wanted to make this bold and the viewers knew it straight away. The other way Kellogg's has helped to sell this product was the colour scheme of the advert. ...read more.


This makes the viewers think that this is a rare treat that you should keep to your self as it is emphasized in the slogan ' just me, Cadbury and a spoon'. This helps sell their product as it shows it will satisfy their craving for a tasty snack. Another main aspect is the person on the advert. The only part of her that you can see is her face. This is by the reflection from the spoon. They did this deliberately to show to the audience that there is no one else in this particular room were she will satisfy her self by eating this delicious yoghurt. Furthermore her expression on her face gives an indication of what she is planning to do. She is starring at this Cadbury flake as well as smiling. This shows her desires coming out of her. This tells the viewers this is how you'll react if you were in the same position. Lastly the repetition of the word spoon shows the significance that this is a devilish treat. ...read more.


This helps to sell their product by showing to the customers this is only for you to enjoy and all you need is a spoon. Lastly the words that are on the advert help to sell their product. As the Kellogg's product is a new product they had to describe what it is underneath. This helps to give a brief summary to the customers to tell them what this product is about. The Cadbury yoghurt is well known this why they had to use a few words. These few words have a major impact though. As the slogan 'Just me, Cadbury and a spoon' stands out because of the colour that it is in clashes with the colour them of the advert. This will be the main selling point for this product as this will be the main part of the advert that the viewers will remember. These two products have produced an outstanding advert to sell their product. Even thought that they are selling two totally different products they are using the same principles. The colour scheme of the advert and the simplicity helps to sell their product. This is why these two products are doing so well on the market. ...read more.

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