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Comparing two Cd's

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The presentation of two black solo artists CD covers Nelly produced 2 CD's called Sweat and Suit. He then made the combination of the two using both CD covers to make one. On the Sweat Cd he portrays himself as a cool gangster. He's wearing a white beeney hat and a white vest, giving him the image of a sexy, muscular and strong man. The shades and jewellery is giving us an idea that maybe he is an expensive person and loves his money. Also he comes across as if you ever put him on an auction block he wouldn't be sold because he is priceless. The clouds behind him give him the impression that maybe his music does have much of a meaning to him, or it could be implying that during the day he is more of a chilled and relaxed sort of person. Unlike the Sweat CD the Suit backdrop seems to be of a street, which could be implying that maybe his music is more down to earth, and has a lot of meaning, and maybe this is when he gets in his zone and feels the happiest. ...read more.


I think it is a good idea that he has joined both CD covers because instead of just seeing one side of him you can see him as one. This way you can find out whether your assumptions were right or wrong, or whether you can find out anything more about him. The Sweat Suit is very clever as they have brought both the Sweat and the Suit faces to make one. The composition is cunning as well because they have made the face the centre, and main feature of the CD instead of making it smaller and shunting it to one side like they did on the other two albums. This is good because it grabs your attention immediately and stands out. The typography on his hat is like someone who has maybe graffito it and has also made it look gangster. Compared to the Nelly, Prince comes across very differently. Instead of having to guess what he meant by his title he basically spelt it out for you on the CD cover. ...read more.


Prince is coloured in pink, and is positioned away from the image of him in the top right hand corner, right out of the way. His Emancipation Cd however is very different. It was only made ten yrs later but it is more alive and colourful. The composition is set out in a very clever and crafty way. In the centre of the CD cover is a picture of an elaborate male sex sign surrounded by chains. At the bottom of the cover there are two fists held up in the air. These could be symbolising either someone punching their fists up in the air because they know that they are now free, or they could be putting them up as if to get arrested. The fiery colours in the background could be expressing the persons feeling of anger or stress. During the last 30 decades I think the popularity of black solo artists has increased no matter what style of music it is. I also think that focus of black artists back then was not just on them but what the music is about. Unlike today where it just seems to be about the person and how cool and great they look. ...read more.

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