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Comparing two charity adverts: Which is more effective?

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Compare two charity adverts: which is the most effective and why? Harriet Blues Everyday we see adverts appealing for us to donate money to a good cause. Two examples of charity adverts include a Medecins Sans Frontieres advert, both appealing for donations to help with the Afghan Crisis. They both use many different persuasive techniques, including pictures, text and headings among others. However both adverts approach and use these techniques in different ways. Firstly the UNICEF advert. This advert starts with a small yet bold heading, saying what the advert is about: "Afghan Crisis Children's Appeal." This is a good technique because although it isn't particularly eye catching, it gives a little inclination as to hat the advert is about so it compels the reader to fine out more, by reading on. Secondly, the UNICEF advert has a large picture of poor children looking frightened and sad, with the word 'Help.' in simple, bold letters. The picture is a very successful persuasive technique because although we as readers still don't know what the advert is properly about, it tugs on the heartstrings and makes the reader feel sorry for the children shown. ...read more.


This includes a large printed phone local rate phone number, a logo, and website address, free post address and donation slip. On the donation slip there are four boxes for suggested donation amounts up to a figure of �100. This suggests that the advert is aimed at adults with children; the advert talks about the effects of the crisis on the children, and has a big picture of children, and so is intended to reach out to parents, but it is also more specific in asking for credit card details. On the other hand, the Medicens Sans Frontieres approaches the same afghan crisis but in a different way. Firstly, the advert has the name of the organisation at the top then the title of what the advert is about; "Afghan Crisis Appeal". This is a similar approach to the issue, as the UNICEF advert: however, the background is dark and the chunkier than and not as clear as in the UNICEF advert. One of the main and very obvious differences is the use of pictures to entice and grab the emotions of the target reader: the UNICEF advert uses a very clear and effective picture whereas the Medecins Sans Frontieres advert has no picture, just a plain and dark background and light coloured text. ...read more.


They also have a donation slip, set out in almost the same way with tick boxes and space for credit card details, but they ask for more money. This may be because they are not just working with children but with others too. They ask for up to �250 and other. In the bottom there is also a logo for the group, which is simple and effective, yet, slightly irrelevant (it is a little man with a linear background.) again this shows they are aiming their advert at adults with credit cards. In conclusion, I think that the UNICEF advert is a better and more successful advert than the Medecins Sans Frontieres advert, because although the two adverts use similar persuasive techniques, the way the approach them and use them makes them different and changes there success. These include use of pictures, headings, donation slips, text and content of the text, and layout. The UNICEF advert uses all of these techniques and tailors them to fit the purpose of their advert. An obvious one would be how they use a picture to sway the reader's emotions, whereas the Medecins Sans Frontieres advert uses no such thing. Furthermore, the UNICEF advert looks like more thought, care and time went into it, giving it a better-rounded and successful appearance that The Medecins Sans Frontieres advert. ...read more.

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