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Comparing two newspaper articles. I will be analysing are Pilot killed in plane crash near Leicester airport-The Mirror and Man dies in light plane crash-The Guardian.

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"Comparing two newspaper articles" 'The Mirror' and 'The Guardian' are two newspapers which happen to be similar and different in many ways. 'The Guardian' is a broadsheet paper whilst 'The Mirror' is a tabloid paper. In this essay I will be comparing the same story from two different newspapers. The articles I will be analysing are 'Pilot killed in plane crash near Leicester airport-The Mirror' and 'Man dies in light plane crash-The Guardian'. Both newspapers are found to have different type of layouts. 'The Mirror' uses several images of the crash scene whereas 'The Guardian' does not have any images. 'The Mirror' newspaper gives a more elaborate headline "Pilot killed in plane crash near Leicester airport" in comparison to 'The Guardian' headline " Man dies in light plane crash". 'The Mirror' newspaper has a greater impact on the reader as the headline is more informative and detailed unlike 'The Guardian'. ...read more.


'The Guardian' newspaper consists of more complex and formal language, for example, "It is thought the planes collided in mid-air and the incident will now be the subject of an inquiry by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch" on the other hand 'The Mirror' newspaper consists of more dramatic and colloquial language, for example," Inquiries are maybe in their early stages, but from reports it is said the aircraft collided in the air." From this we are able to deduce that 'The Mirror' newspaper includes more simple sentences followed with many quotes, different from, 'The Guardian' newspaper where most sentences are complex and informative. 'The Guardian' newspaper uses more sophisticated words, for example, "received" however 'The Mirror' newspaper uses a simple range of vocabulary, for example "had got". 'The Mirror' newspaper gives a balanced view on the story, in the same way that, 'The Guardian' newspaper does. ...read more.


Short and simple sentences have been used to make the article much easier to understand. On the other hand, 'The Guardian' newspaper is targeted towards high class business man. This is shown by the article being written in a more factual and serious manner. There are long and complex sentences that are more suitable for adults to read through. In conclusion, I would choose The Guardian as a much more reliable source in comparison to The Mirror. The Guardian writes in an informative tone with lots of details which makes its story more convincing for the reader; there are no biased opinions to manipulate the reader in any form. These broadsheets are written for upper classes who are most likely business people and office workers which mean the information given out is more likely to be true. The Guardian adds more factual news and events than tabloids with latest gossip and celebrities. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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