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Comparing two poems about Seduction.

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Comparing two poems about Seduction The poem "To His Coy Mistress", by Andrew Marvell written in the seventeenth century describes the attempts of a man to seduce "His Mistress", he does this by complimenting her, by making promises and by generally trying to charm his way into having sex with his "Mistress". The second poem " The Seduction" by Eileen McAuley was written in the mid nineteen eighties. The poem tells the story from the eyes of a young, innocent, naive sixteen-year-old girl. Who after a party, was seduced by a boy who took advantage of her after getting her drunk, the reminder poem tells the story of how the girl dealt with the consequences of her pregnancy. Marvell although writing in a different style at the time of the writing of the poem, portrays the male character in a similar way to Eileen McAuley. Both poets do this by describing the male figure as the one who is trying to cheat the female into having sex with him. In the "Seduction" the male character is successful in doing this but in "To His Coy Mistress" we do not hear if the male character is successful, but by doing this Marvell creates an atmosphere of tension and disappointment. ...read more.


Marvell having justified his actions he continues with complimentary language to describe his mistress's complexion, "youthful hew Sits on thy skin like morning dew," He does this to try and persuade his mistresses into having sexual intercourse with him. After complimenting her mind and body he now compliments her soul, "And while thy willing soul transpires" And tells her of how he can no longer control his animal instincts and desire for her "instant Fires" "Now let us sport us ... like am'rous birds of prey, ... roll all our Strength, ... up into one ball: ... And tear our Pleasures with rough strife,". All through the poem, rhyming couplets are used to emphasise the significance of the couple's unity. The last couplet of the poem is effective as an ending, as it emphasises the fact that they do not have the power to stop time "we cannot make our Sun Stand Sill". But we do have the power to use our time wisely and pleasurably "yet we will make him run". In the opening stanza of the poem "The Seduction", McAuley presents both characters in different and almost contrasting ways. ...read more.


The last stanza is somewhat ironic in the fact that it talks of how "neighbours whispered that you always looked the type" when really she was not and had a hopeful future. Although both poems are about seduction and love, both poets have approached the subject differently. Marvell has used the male character to tell the story, whereas McAuley has mainly told the story through the eyes of the female character, the overall mood in the poem "The Seduction" is one of anger, disappointment and depression. When the poem "To His Coy Mistress" has a mood of happiness and a little anticipation, the poem is made up of three lengthy stanzas and "The Seduction is made up of a series of small stanzas together in block of around ten to fifteen. The two poems create two completely different images, "The Seduction" creates an image of deceitfulness, lack of respect on the behalf of the male towards the girl, and one of anger from the girl directed at her teenage magazines and especially towards the male character. To His Coy Mistress creates an image of anticipation, lust, desire and one of gratitude and respect for the other character. ...read more.

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