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Comparing two TV adverts - Specsavers and UNICEF

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´╗┐Stage 1 English Communication- Language Study- Persuasive Language in Advertising Part 1: FCPARTS and Commentary FC PARTS Cooking with steam UNICEF Form Television advertisement Television advertisement Context A man unknowingly walks into what he thinks is a steam room but turns out to be a kitchen indicating he needs glasses A celebrity pleads to sincerity of people at home for donations to UNICEF. Purpose To convince the audience to purchase spec saver glasses. To convince the audience to donate to their money. Audience Someone who wears glasses, generally older age group with depleting eyesight. Anyone who would like to donate their money. Generally people over eighteen with credit cards Register Informal. ?should have gone to specsavers? there is no talking but the attitudes of the actors indicate informal register Formal. ...read more.


The UNICEF advertisement focuses on real humanitarian issues with a celebrity spokesperson pleading to give generously to the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund so they can continue to help children in Africa. Part 2: Critical Analysis on Persuasive Technique Compare the difference between the texts The two texts are almost completely different the cooking with steam advertisement is a humour orientated advertisement whereas the UNICEF advertisement has a serious tone. ?Should have gone to specsavers? is the message for the cooking with the steam advertisement and ?over one million children are at risk of starving to death? for the UNICEF advertisement. One is trying to sell a product, the other is trying to gain donations. Both are filmed differently and target different audiences, they also make the audience feel different emotions and make them react differently. ...read more.


donation will make a real difference? The advertisement uses a range of persuasive techniques to allow the audience to make an informed decision on a product or service. They ultimately want the consumer to purchase the product or make a donation by using celebrity spokespersons, these make the audience feel if they donate then they will be equal to the celebrity. Humour is the main technique in the cooking with steam advertisement; the advertisement has no words spoken only sounds and visual acts. The advertisements use there combinations very effectively to gain an emotional response from the audience and make them want to buy the product. Both the advertisement uses various persuasive techniques to gain an emotional response from a categorized audience. They are completely opposite but both want something from the audience to sell a particular product. Hamish Harty Word count: 753 ...read more.

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