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Comparison Between 'Before You Were Mine' And 'Stealing'

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English Coursework Comparison Between 'Before You Were Mine' And 'Stealing' After reading 'Before You Were Mine' once I found it hard to understand exactly what this poem is about. But after reading it several more times, I think it is about Duffy Standing in Georges Square and trying to think or imaging what her mother would have been doing at that moment or place, ten years before she was born. I did not seem to get any clues about where Duffy is until the third stanza. 'Before You Were Mine' also seems to indicate that Duffy's mother could have died because she says "Your Ghost Clatters towards me". But her mother could still be alive and Duffy is just describing a ghost of her mother's former self. I knew who the persona was from the title and the first line, because she talks about herself and where she is. I think that this poem is almost a merge of and a story. This makes the story of the poem even more clear and stronger. The story, which I think is in this poem, is Duffy describing her mother's life ten years before she was born. ...read more.


There is a very big change in the mood of the poem when Duffy says "My loud possessive yell". This is quite an aggressive sentence and it seems out of place in this poem because this poem has not had any other reference to aggression or maybe to reality. This could suggest that Duffy is dreaming or she is imagining it to her liking. After this point in the poem, the mood is more modern and cold. In the previous stanzas, although it was in the past, it seemed as though I could see the images, which Duffy described. But in the last two stanzas I found it harder to generate the images in my mind. Maybe this is because the images are described vaguely or with less detail. The best stanza seems to be comprised of her best memories and gives the idea that 'Before You Were Min' could be in memory of her mother. This could be linked the point that I made earlier saying that 'Duffy's mother could have died'. In 'Stealing', the main theme seems to be cold and lonely. The story of the poem is about someone, probably a boy, who steals a snowman from a garden, and does not see the same snowman when he builds it again. ...read more.


In 'Before you were mine' there was a change in mood about half way through this is different from 'Stealing'. "As cold as a slice of ice" is another example of coldness, because ice can feel sharp because it so cold, but a slice can of ice can actually be sharp. The persona seems to be malevolent or evil because he says, "part of the thrill was knowing that children would cry in the morning" This also goes with the main theme, which is one of coldness or meanness. This says that the character of the persona is maybe evil or mean by nature and does not now it. He could also want the children to have a life like him, which refers to my earlier point. There is not a very strong theme of the past or time in this poem. It is not like 'Before You Were Mine' the last few lines may suggest that the persona has stolen another snowman or something which he wants to be his friend. For example, a dog or a cat. I have said this because at the end he says, "you don't understand a word I'm saying, do you?". As in before you were mine the persona seems to be talking to somebody who isn't there. Jerome Fanfare 8th October 2000 ...read more.

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