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comparison between presents from pakistan and blessings

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Comparison - 'Blessing' vs. 'Presents From Pakistan' Kashif Hussain I am going to compare and contrast two poems, which are called 'Blessing' by Imtiaz Darker and 'Presents From Pakistan' by Moniza Alva. The two poems are similar because they both give a view of how they feel but differ because they talk about different incidents. One of the poems is about a country in southwest Asia and the other is about personal feelings. The poets are also linked with the countries. I know this because of their names therefore their parents or relative can be from Pakistan or India or around the same end. The poets show how s feels about other countries and how it affects them and their culture. Culture can be made up in different ways. Like Islam only allows Muslims to enter Saudi Arabia. This makes up a religious culture. Some people live by their race or ethnicity like in north Europe many people like to live with people from there and people who are the same colour as them. In some countries some people don't mind, they just live with a normal life style in their own world. ...read more.


She concludes the poem as what it is like to be like to be cut off. Further more the poem is structured in a different way compared to the other poem. The poem 'Blessing' has 4 stanzas; in each stanza she explains what it is like to see some one suffering. The first part of the poem contains a few full stops because it is talking about what water and what it means to the villagers. She has done this because she wants to explain what is happening in the village. In the second half of the poem there aren't any stops because she wants to get the words out to the people and show how emotional his thoughts are. She talks about the suffering and how they feel about the lack of water. The shorter verses are significantly different from the longer ones. The short ones express what it is like not to have water. The longer ones convey what it is like to have water. The poem also contains some rhythm; rhyming words, alliteration and onomatopoeia. There are 2 parts of rhymes in the poem like 'pod' and 'god' as well as 'found', ground and' around'. ...read more.


This also slows down the poem so we concentrate on it more. The poem also contains some metaphors and similes. She mainly uses similes to describe her self to other objects.' Was alien in the sitting room' and 'my costume clung to me and I was a flame'. The metaphors in the poem like, 'I couldn't rise out of its fire' and 'marvel the colours like stained glass'. These bits of language are here to describe the thoughts of the poet and to make the reader understand what she is bringing out. More over the poems try to get a different message to us. In 'BLESSING' the poet tries to remind us on how other countries that are in poverty. However 'PFPK' shows us what it feels like to be away from a home country and what you miss out. In conclusion think blessing is a better poem because it uses a lot of linguistic devices and because it is short, since it is short the message gets to us easily. The poem also is here to show us what life is like in another place 'PFPK' is ok but is a long poem that tells us how one feels about missing their home country. According to me this just show the life story of a girl, where you will have your own thought. The end Kashif Hussein ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Moniza Alvi: Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan section.

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