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Comparison between The Vampires and The Listeners

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Comparison between The Vampire and The Listeners The rhyming pattern for the vampire is Abab. The rhyming words are powerful and some examples are sated and abated. This poem consists of 8 stanzas of 4 lines. The poet uses enjambment in lines 30-31, "He'll rest beneath the mud until with thoughts of violence." The poet also uses caesura in the last line, "he wakes and utters...blood!" The effect on this is to create suspense and tension. The rhyming pattern for the listeners is Abcb. This poem is just one long poem except for at the end where the last verse breaks off. The poet uses enjambment in lines 25-26, "For he suddenly smote on the door even louder and lifted his head." There is no caesura in this poem. As you can see, there is a big contrast between these two structures. The rhyming patterns are different. ...read more.


In this poem there is also personification and an example is "Hearkening in an air stirr'd and shaken." It makes it that there is surely somebody listening in the house but didn't reply. The language in these two poems are similar. They both have old language. They both have alliteration/plosive alliteration. Also they both also have repetition. They are also different. In the listeners there is personification but in the vampire there isn't. The vampire uses connectives whereas the listeners doesn't. The poet uses powerful words in the vampire to make you create an image in your head about it. The poet uses sensory detail. An example is "With fangs agleam, he hovers and with those fangs bites deep" This makes you see an image of the vampire biting his victim and the blood pouring out. The poet uses metaphors and an example is "pools of fire." His eyes are not really pools of fire. The poet is just trying to exaggerate it which he does very well. ...read more.


The symbolism in the vampire is more to do with hell, anger and evil while the symbolism in the listeners is more to do with darkness of the night. Below is the meaning and mood of the vampire. In the introduction of the vampire the setting is dark and gloomy and it is silent at night. There is a tomb and there is a scary cliff hanger ending. The vampire is a legendary creature, evil and drinks victim's blood. He drinks until full, ruthless, clearly terrifying and lives in a tomb. This creates a scary and suspense mood. The effect of this is to make the reader wait in suspense and make the reader scared. Below is the meaning and mood of the listeners. In the introduction of the vampire the setting is dark and set in the night and gives you the feeling that you are alone. The person is angry because he keeps banging on the door and nobody is answering. This creates a mood of fear. The effect of this is to scare the readers. Total amount of words: 1006 words ...read more.

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