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Comparison between "Vendetta" and "The School Teacher's Guest"

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Compare and contrast how the two short story writers use the theme of revenge. The two writers Isabel Allende and Guy de Maupassant both use the theme of revenge in many ways in their short stories 'The school teacher's guest' and 'Vendetta'. Vendetta's key theme appears to be revenge because of the title, the word Vendetta meaning 'A bitter, destructive feud.' Where as "The school teachers guest" seems, from its title, to be a pleasant story about a school teachers guest. The opening paragraphs of the stories are also different. The school teacher's guest introduces the murder straight away by the schoolteacher Ines entering the pearl of the Orient and announcing to the character Turk that she had just cut off the head of one of her guests, Allende then goes back to explain why this happened. ...read more.


It also builds up the widow training the dog S�millante to kill. This is different in the school teacher's guest, as the murder is announced at the beginning, there is no build up and the killing of the man is more of an act of fate. The reason for the act of revenge is also described more thoroughly in the school teacher's guest. The accidental murder of Ines's son is told in lines 24-35 in great detail using phrases such as 'drilling a black hole in the middle of his forehead through which his life rapidly escaped'. In Vendetta, Maupassant simply states 'one evening, Antoine Saverini was treacherously stabbed in a quarrel by Nicolas Ravolati, who escaped that same night to Sardinia.' ...read more.


The aftermath in the school teachers guest is also more of a community parade, throwing mangoes and marching rather than weeping by the dead boys bedside as the widow does in Vendetta. We are also told more about the murder despite not knowing his name. We know that he is a truck driver and an outsider of Agua Santa. In Vendetta we know nothing of Nicolas Ravolati but his name which does not give him much character to hold a vendetta against. Both Maupassant and Allende use revenge in different ways in their short stories but Allende describes the characters and the reasons for revenge more thoroughly even if she doesn't set the scene as well. In this way I found the school teachers guest used revenge in better and more high-quality ways. ?? ?? ?? ?? English ...read more.

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