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Comparison of 20th century prose

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Comparison of 20th century prose Matthew Moorhouse 10AJA London by William Blake The two poems I am comparing take opposing views of London. William Blake shows the darker side of London and William Wordsworth looks at the city through rose tinted glasses, seeing only the beauty of London. In London the opening stanza gives you the feeling of monotony and restrictions that people are sad about. I think this because the " charted" gives the idea of being mapped and therefore limiting. I think the Stanza is sad as it mentions the "Marks of woe" and "weakness" which brings out the idea of beaten in restrictions. The repetition of the words chartered and Marks reinforce the feeling of restriction and sadness. In the middle two stanzas there seems to be an impression of great hate, fear and yet more restriction. The feeling of hate I get from the phrase "how the chimney-sweeps cry, Every blackening church appals" because it seems to be saying that the chimney sweep is cursing the church, which is disgusted(appalled) ...read more.


My interpretation of this part is that the infant represents all the innocent people in London whilst the Harlot shows all the people who have been oppressed. The only confusing picture is that of a marriage hearse it shows that what people think of as a happy occasion is just another cause for sorrow and the idea of the two people being tied down by each other and a family. Composed upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth Composed upon Westminster bridge by William Wordsworth is a sonnet. The start of it is very light and contains a statement about the reader. This sonnet is a complete contrast to London. The central part of this sonnet describes the city as being silent, relaxed and beautiful. It describes the city as "Open unto the fields, and the sky", which is totally the opposite of the other poem as that is restricted. ...read more.


Blake is describing the depths of depravity to which people have sunk, whilst Wordsworth is describing the stupendous heights to which the creative genius of humanity has reached. These two points are tremendously extreme but for very good reasons. Blake I think wants to show what people feel like, how they are treated and how they treat each other. He wants the reader to know what is happening without any good side so people can see it in all its sordid glory. He writes the poem, in my opinion, so that he can worn the ruling classes about the slowly rising feel of hatred that could easily spill over in to a popular uprising or rebellion. I think that he includes the Marks to show how deeply ingrained the feelings are, into the people. Wordsworth wants to point out the beauty of humanity, to show how beautiful human creations can be and to show the amazing ability that people have to make beautiful things. He points out the splendour of the architecture and the majesty of the ships. ...read more.

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