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"Comparison of 4 different poems with different aspects"

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How do the poems 'The Eagle', 'The Passionate Shepherd to His Love', 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge. September 3, 1802 and 'London' examine the contrasting aspects of life in the city and countryside? In this essay i will be writing about four different poems. Two of them are based about the city and two are written about the countryside. The poems are 'The Eagle' by Alfred Lloyd Tennyson (1809-92), 'The Passionate Shepherd to His Love' by Christopher Marlowe (1564-93), 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' by William Wordsworth (1770-1850) and 'London' by William Blake (1757-1827). The poems written about the city are 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' and 'London' while the poems written about the countryside are 'The Eagle' and 'The Passionate Shepherd to His Love'. In this essay i will be exploring any similarities and differences between the different views presented in the poems and i will be using quotes from the poem and explaining them. The first poem that i will be describing in this essay is 'The Eagle'. 'The Eagle' is a poem that is based towards the nature of the countryside and it is about a wild and dangerous bird that lives in a rugged but a beautiful habitat, the tone of the poem is respectful and admiring. There are many ways which nature is presented in the poem. Tennyson uses lots of linguistic devices to describe this, one example is the quotation ' Like a thunderbolt he falls' which is a similie that show that the bird is swift and powerful and this presents nature as it is describing what the bird is like i.e. ...read more.


The description of the shepherd as 'passionate' suggests that the shepherd has strong emotions and has desire. The poem was written in a period when Britain was largely rural and was mostly made up of contryside and life for the peasants who worked the land was hard. Most people had dreamt of living in the city as they were worried about the plague and the impression given of the countryside in the poem is that it is a nice place to live and is a very peaceful place as he uses a few senses and persuasion and this is different as in the poem the country is described as a positive place while the people didnt want to live there and would rather live in the city. The structure of the poem is that it has six stanzas and four lines in each stanza with each stanza describing different things. The rhyme scheme of the poem is aa,bb which are rhyming couplets and this is used for effect. The rhythm of the poem is that it is set out to be a smooth and gentle poem but then it is set out to sound as if the shepherd is singing. The reason why the poet might have wrote in this way is that he wanted the poem to sound effective and to build tension. The rhythm is hypnotic and it adds to the persuasiveness of the sheherd's words as it makes his words sound more exciting and it reflects on the romantic style that Marlowe is trying to create of the countryside. ...read more.


Wordsworth describes London as 'that mighty heart' which means that London has a rhythm when the citizens are awake which in other words is describing the city being a heart beat and Blake's impression of the people of London is that they are not that nice people.The poem is the complete opposite of 'The Passionate Shepherd To His Love' as 'London' is written as a more negative poem as it looks at more bad points than 'The Shepherd To His Love'. I will now conclude the essay. The poem that i feel is closest to truth is 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge' as a lot of the points in the poem i feel are true about the city of London as there are a lot of good points. There are different effects of each poem on the reader. The effect of 'The Eagle' on the reader is that it is a short poem trying to give different points about the countryside to the reader. 'The Passionate Shepherd To His Love' effect is to try and make the reader think that the countryside is a great place to live as it is an idealistic poem, 'Composed Upon Westminster Bridge's' effect on the reader is to make the reader think that living in the city is a good place as it gives good points ainly but also gives some bad points aswell. 'London's' effect on the reader is to make the reader think that London is not a great place to be living in because of all the dangers in the city at that time. ...read more.

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