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Comparison of Love Poetry

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Comparison of Love Poetry In the following essay I will be examining 3 poems of affection, of which I will inclusively talk about the themes of the love and also describe the views that have been used. The poems I am going to unravel to you are When We Two Parted by Lord Byron, A Woman To Her Lover by Christina Walsh and finally Villegiature by Edith Nesbit. Love can mean different things to different people. There are also different types of love such as un-conditional love between a parent and a child or un-required love which is when you love someone and the feelings are not reciprocated. Firstly a woman to her lover is a poem that is written by a female writer called Christina Walsh. This poem is about a woman that is expressing her feelings about her lover openly as you read on through the poem she reveals more about her life and what she demands from her husband. For example: in the first paragraph she talks about how women are slaves but she then goes on to say that she would reject her lover if that's the case. I know this as she says "To make me a bondslave, then says, no servant will I be, if that be what you ask o lover I refuse you"! ...read more.


This also points out how unsecure and secret the relationship really was. He also emphasizes his feelings using a few rhetorical questions such as "Why wert thou so dear?" Rhetorical questions are often used for confusion or to show the feelings of the writer, but Lord Byron not only use it for theses purposes but to show us his emotions. This is also a type of emotive language used. My opinion is that the tone used in the poem could be described as regretful because when she broke up with him he found out how it really felt and realized he had scarred many women's lives. The imagery used in the poem is physical imagery as "Pale grew thy cheek and cold." Is death imagery and death is physical. There are some similarities though, between the three poems, the fact that in Villegiature and when we two parted is about a break up and a women to her lover is threatening to break up if she is treated wrongly (this could also be a difference). One of the major similarities is that all of the three writers talk in the first person expressing their emotions using such emotive language as "pear tree bloom" (from Villegiature) to slowly tell you whats inside the envelope. ...read more.


I think the poem that is most different from the others is A woman to her lover as it is not a break up but a control freak who wants to do as she likes even though the whole country forbids it which shows that she is mentally strong. The other two poems are break ups and the tone is different to this. But even they have a singular difference e.g. when we two parted is written in an older time and written in older fashion than other two poems. Villegiature is a short sonnet that gets to the point towards the end instead of begging which makes it quite unique. Finally I think that these three poems are not quite as eye catching as I would of liked but quite boring as they are quite long but the only poem that was short got to the point right at the end and was an odd sonnet as most sonnets are about romance. If I had to choose one of these poems to work on or write about in the future I would choose Villegiature as it is the easiest to write about and it is relatively short compared to the other poems, Overall reviewing the love poems was a good experience for me as I have learnt a lot but still need to read a variety of interesting romantic poems to actually get involved. By: Sayed Idrees Habib 1 ...read more.

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