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Comparison Of Monsters Inc And Classic Monsters

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Comparison to Monsters Inc And Classic Monsters. Both of these texts are to do with monsters and have their differences and similarities. The monsters Inc text is a webpage and the Classic Monsters text is a magazine front cover. The monsters Inc's text is mainly targeted at children and Disney fans, whereas the Classic Monsters text is targeted at adults and horror fanatics. Both of these texts are made for different audiences but for the same purpose. In the texts the pictures define the targeted audience, pictures are important in both texts as they attract you attention. The monsters in the Monsters Inc text are both posed in a casual way to make them look friendly; the monsters both have smiles to make them look friendlier. ...read more.


In addition, font styles are important on these texts as well. The font styles on Monsters Inc are normal and they aren't droopy. This also makes the webpage more concentrated on its targeted audience. Thus the font styles used on Classic Monsters is different to the Monsters Inc because it is huge and in a shaky, droopy font to make it look bloody and scarier and the colours used on the font are dark and boring. The layout plays a part in the differences of the two texts. The layout of both texts is different because the Monsters Inc layout has a menu bar on the top to give u choices of seeing other pages on the website other than just Monsters Inc. ...read more.


In addition the language used in both texts is important because the language used in Monsters Inc is funny which also adds to the targeted audience. The text doesn't have any scary captions and also begins with "welcome" which shows the friendliness of the website. It aims to involve children and talks of bedtimes which show that this mainly was made for children. However classic monsters is the exact opposite, is had quotes like "Behind The Screams" which is a pun and it points out frightening things to make the magazine sound exciting. In conclusion I have shown that two media texts can be very different even if they are based on the same characters. These are totally different and the only way they are the same is that they are both based on monsters. They have different layouts, font styles, colours and the language used. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nigel Sibanda ...read more.

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