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Comparison Of Poems

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11th January Coursework Task: Write an essay comparing two of the poems you have studied in this unit. In this essay task I am going to compare and contrast "My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning and "Salome" by Carol Ann Duffy. One Main point of similarity with the two poems is that both of them are Dramatic Monologues. Both poems are also based on a strong point of view, "My Last Duchess" being from a man's point of view, and "Salome", a woman's point of view. In both poems the narrators are very much in control of the situation that is taking place. The authors have given us this feeling by using many powerful and strong quotations throughout the poems. This first poem "My Last Duchess" opens up as if the Duke is talking to someone. "That's my last Duchess painted on the wall" which immediately gives us the impression he is talking about a painting of her. Throughout the poem the Duke is expressing thoughts and feelings about his previous wife, a lot of emotion is given to us, most of it being of jealousy and anger towards her. He is very proud of the painting though, he calls it " That piece of wonder", and only shows it to certain people, and keeps it behind a drawn curtain which only he draws. ...read more.


The poem has also been written in a dramatic monologue. The first poem also links in a little bit with the second poem "Salome" being also written in a dramatic monologue. Also the poems are written showing the narrators having a very strong point of view of their sexes, and very much in control of the situations. The poem "Salome" has been taking from a book called "The World's Wife", which is based on poems from women's point of views, which backs up my point in saying that it is very much based strongly on her point of view, mainly about men in this poem. It has been taking from the biblical story of John the Baptist and has had a lot of black humor added to it. The first verse is written in a free verse with lots of long lines, which shows us a person coming to consciousness from a deep sleep, having no idea about the events of the night before. The poem starts of in a "male" styled term of that someone boasting about waking up in the morning after the night before finding a head lying on the pillow next to her. A quotation that suggests this could be "I'd done it before (and doubtless I'll do it again)", this suggests the scenario that it is not a one of occurrence and that it has happened before. ...read more.


My feelings about the two poems in general are that they are both very much in control in both poems. In "Salome" the point of view comes from a woman and in the poem "My Last Duchess" from a man's point of view. Two poems both have a sense of black humor towards them, in "My last Duchess" the Duke quotes " I gave commands, then all smiles stopped together". This suggests that the Duke has murdered his wife and in "Salome" she has had his head cut off. In "Salome" the poem uses ellipse in the first stanza, which leaves us wondering what is happening. "My last Duchess" uses more enjambment in the structure of the poem and are also rhyming couplets. These two poems have many similarities, as well as the use of powerful quotes between the two of them. I think "Salome" is more of a cleverer poem as it has used a biblical story and turned it into a modern up-tempo poem, which catches your imagination and leaves you puzzled towards the end. I much prefer this poem to "My Last Duchess" because of its modern terms and mainly of the control and how powerful she is throughout the poem. . ...read more.

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