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Comparison of Romeo between play and film.

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Romeo and Juliet CAT How Romeo is portrayed in the play and adaptions of the play differ in many ways, both however centre on how Romeo's character develops and matures throughout the play and explore his relations with other characters, particularly Juliet. This essay will focus on the presentation of Romeo in the play and the presentation of Romeo in the modern film adaption of the play. This essay will then conclude with Unlike the play, in the film Romeo is more insecure of whom he is and Baz Luhrmann portrays Romeo to want change and move away from his family identity. ...read more.


One of the scenes this is shown in the modern version is during Mercutio and Tybalt's death scene. In this scene there is links to Western cowboy films through the intertextuality of western music and the positioning of the characters using a low angle shot to make them seem more powerful. However upon arriving Romeo, instead of fighting Tybalt surrenders, thus breaking the rules of the fight. This is a great contrast to how Romeo would have behaved at the beginning of the film; furthermore it shows him to be much more mature than his friends and is choosing his love for Juliet over fighting his enemy. ...read more.


Similar to the film adaptation, in the play Romeo puts love before fighting a Capulet. This is indicated in Romeo stating 'I have to love thee' and 'therefore farewell'. These phrases show that though Romeo dislikes Tybalt he refuses to fight so he does not hurt Juliet, thus showing his character to be growing and becoming self-less. The significance of Romeo is shown through camera angles throughout the film, an example of this is the bird's eye view camera shot of him after killing Tybalt, from the point of view of a statue of Jesus. The use of this shot makes Romeo seem less important, appearing to be a tiny figure in contrast to the statue and takes up a minute fraction of the screen. ...read more.

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