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Comparison of the Female Characters in Romeo and Juliet

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Comparison of the Female Characters in Romeo and Juliet In William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet there are three main female characters. These are Lady Capulet, Juliet and her Nurse Angelica. They are all very different because of their different social backgrounds and their views on love and marriage especially differentiate them a lot. These three characters reflect Shakespearean women to an extent. Getting married (around 13) was normal, and would fit into Juliet's character. Getting your daughter married to the richest man in the world is every mothers dream - and reflects Lady Capulet's character. And so on. There is a clear 'clash' of personalities between these three characters - although there is more between mother and daughter and the nurse is of a lower social status and cannot speak too much. ...read more.


This was mainly because of the social class differences. Lady Capulet preferred parties and social gatherings rather then to stay at home and look after the children. As a result, Lady Capulet acts like a stranger to Juliet which is quite tormenting and results in a broken relationship being formed. Evidence is when she calls the nurse to coincide with rather then talking to Juliet in person: 'This is the matter nurse, give leave awhile, We must talk in secret. Nurse, come back again, I have remembered me, thou's hear our counsel' Lady Capulet had an arranged marriage and assumes because she went through it so will her daughter - and to some extent so will Juliet's daughter/son. She is money and status driven. ...read more.


She claims that women grow in status and in size - they become pregnant and have many children of their husbands. This illustrates what level she believes women are in comparison to men. She is trying to give motherly advice but also partly trying to fill her sexual pleasures that she did not get though Juliet. She doesn't understand that marriage and love is depicted by each woman differently. Angelina is sensible in what she talks with whom too, as her job can be at stake then. Therefore, she restricts herself in open discussions and opinion giving, but does however; give individual opinions to individual people. An example is when she sticks up for Juliet when Lord Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris. She says: 'I would the fool were married to her grave' Overall, all three female characters have different perspectives of love and marriage which makes then attract or repel. ...read more.

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