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Comparison of the Novels Angelas Ashes With  David Copperfield.

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COMPARISON OF THE NOVELS ANGELAS ASHES WITH DAVID COPPERFIELD David Copperfield tells us of his birth: He is born on a Friday night and begins to cry the moment the clock strikes midnight--an unlucky omen. But he is born with a caul (a sort of membrane covering a new-born's head), which is thought to be a good omen. He then tells his story of how his mother tried to sell the caul but with no joy. Then ten years later they raffled it off. Frank McCourt tells the story of how he was born in New York and then brought up in Limerick in Ireland. Then the story continues of how they tried to cope with poverty and a lot of illness due to the damp. Both stories are biographies, except McCourt's story is about his own experiences in life (which would be an autobiography) and Dickinson's story is of a character he has made up but they both tell the reader of their experiences through life. The happy times and the struggles in life it's self. They are very similar in many ways and both stories start at the beginning of their lives. In the beginning of both chapters it is obvious that both of them are looking back on their lives because at


They both look back on events long after they have happened. So both stories give an insight in to the early years of their lives and they are both about a boy. They both go through bad luck, Dickinson predicted bad luck at the beginning for David and McCourt because of the poverty and dampness. These two books sound a bit depressing. The tone that is being used would be of a man not very cheerful because of the unhappiness, sad with light humour because through both stories its not just sad it also has humour which make you chuckle rather than laugh. The author's wry humour undercuts the bleakness of his early years, as he jokes that a happy childhood "is hardly worth your while." (Angelas Ashes) There is also humour in David Copperfield when he explains that they couldn't sell his caul. So ten years later they "put it in a raffle", nobody can imagine putting part of their body in a raffle whether it was lucky or not, that's why it is funny because you can just imagine it. Selling the caul and mentioning guineas also shows the reader that it was around Victorian times, they used to sell cauls because they were lucky.


McCourt makes you feel as if you are there. Dickinson doesn't give the reader sounds and smell. He doesn't really describe any except for the cork jackets. So the reader can image what sort of time it is based in. Both stories go on about poverty, McCourt tells the reader that limerick is full of poverty and describes the damp clothes and the drunkenness and Dickinson tells the reader that the mother was selling sherry in the market and they were trying to sell the caul. Which if you weren't poor you would just keep it or throw it away. Both stories give a hint through out the novel about the importance of money and the need for money sets the tone of the novel. The conclusion is that they have similar themes through out the story although they are written in different times. Angela's Ashes is an autobiography and David Copperfield is fictional but they both have similar issues e.g. Poverty, insight to early years, bad luck, 1st person narrative, long sentences and there both about a boy growing up. They are also different because Angela's Ashes is about the common image of Irish poverty, priests, strict teachers and illnesses. David Copperfield is about superstition, a caul and is based in Victorian times. Donna Sales 08/05/07 1

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