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Comparison of the revenge carried out by the protagonists of the books Broken April and The Thief and the Dogs.

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Comparison of the revenge carried out by the protagonists of the books Broken April and The Thief and the Dogs. Both books Broken April and The Thief and the Dogs revolve entirely around revenge. The revenge in both these books is to the highest degree different. We can see this difference mainly in the motives and methods of the protagonists. In Broken April, 'the Kanun'1 forced the revenge exhibited by Gjorg. We must remember that Gjorg wanted to end traditional 'war' between his family and Zef's because death made him sick, not just the prospect of dying but also Zef's death. Also he has nothing against Zef or his family but the fact that he has to kill Zef because legislation called for it. On the other hand in The Thief and the Dogs, Said felt angry about the way that Ilish reported his thieving activities to the police and the manner in which his wife, Nabawaiyya, was part of the plot to put him in jail. Though he acted as though he had made his peace with it, he was determined to 'strike like fate'2 as they had besides taking away his freedom, his riches and his pride, had also kept away his daughter, Sana, from him and this angered him the most. ...read more.


'A year and a half after the day his brother had been killed, his mother had finally washed the shirt he had worn that day'5 which signified that Gjorg had taken revenge and would now be accepted by society for killing Zef. In The Thief and the Dogs we see that Said was accepted by society after he had served time for his crime. This is evident from the instance when Said decides to confront Ilish about his daughter and is treated quite amicably by the detective and other on-lookers even if their actions seem slightly superficial. This is also extended to Said's meeting with Rauf, his old friend, who greets him and offers him food and gives him good advice. Later on he also meets with an old colleague who offers his aid, reassuring Said that 'if there's anything he needs,'6 Tarzan would be at Said's 'service.'7 In this manner we see that Said is accepted by society even if it is slightly superficial at times. "If I set eyes on you again," Rauf bellowed, "I'll squash you like an insect."8 This is what Rauf had to say after he had caught Said trying to steal from his house. ...read more.


'For a moment the world seemed to have gone absolutely still'14 for Gjorg as he was shot dead. But as we see the rest of the paragraph that Gjorg seems to be subconscious and is aware of what is going on around him. He slowly becomes aware as does the reader that the 'hands'15 that turn him on his back, that keep the rifle close to his right in 'accordance with the rules'16 are Gjorg's himself. This points to one possible conclusion that Gjorg is not so conscious to what is happening around him but is simply reliving or remembering certain landmark events in his life. 'Slowly the silence was spreading, until all the world seemed gripped in a strange stupefaction'17 in Said's mind and he seemed rather calm much like Gjorg at then end of his life. But Said's train of thought is slightly different at this point as he still seems slightly concerned about getting away and hopes that 'he must have won.'18 This contrasts from Gjorg's death as Said doesn't seem to be thinking so much of his life and succumbs to his wounds quicker than Said. Thus we can see that though both protagonists carry out revenge for very different reasons and do so in very different ways they meet the same end, as justice seems to have been served. ...read more.

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