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Comparison of 'The Seduction' and 'To His Coy Mistress'

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Pre 1914 Poetry comparison coursework. For this essay I have chosen to discuss The Seduction and To His Coy Mistress. The first poem I will discuss is The Seduction. The poem is about a boy (typical lad, leather jacket, alcohol, drugs and bad manners) taking a girl from a party and taking her down to the lakeside. When they get there he gets her drunk and has sex with her. We then find out 3 months later the girl is pregnant & extremely upset by everything. She believed it would all be magical and what all the teenage dream magazines said it would be, but it really wasn't. The characters in the seduction are both very stereotypical. The male character is a typical lad. The male is a very uncaring character who seems to be quite rough. The way "he spat into the river" shows how he is a disgusting ill-mannered boy. On the other hand we see he is very lonely. We know this because he talks about "Where I go by meself with me dad's magazines". The "dad's magazines" is referring to pornography and shows he is also possibly sex obsessed. We also see from this that he doesn't talk properly, although, this could just because of an accent he has because of where he is from. ...read more.


Also each little section could show how bit by bit, the woman is making a mistake and her life is breaking down. To His Coy Mistress is a poem about a man persistently trying to have sex with the female character. The man does everything he can to get the woman to sleep with him. He tries complimenting her, scaring her and tricking her. He tries telling her how he loves her and how she is still young and should take this opportunity to have sex with him. In To His Coy Mistress we learn a lot about the characters. For example, the male character is put across as a obnoxious, sex obsessed pervert. We know this because the poem shows he doesn't care about the girl, but just having sex with her. He says "my vegetable love should grow, vaster than empires, and more slow". This is supposedly referring to his love for the female, but could also be seen as a double entendre. It also gives the idea that the idea of having sex with her gives him an erection. We also see he is very stubborn and determined. He spends the entire poem saying there isn't enough time and so they must seize the day and have sex. ...read more.


The way it keeps going shows that he really wants to have sex with her, and as he keeps persisting, so does the structure of the poem. Both poems have one main similarity and one main difference between them. They are both about love and relationships and also about sex in one way. Both poems show a man wanting to have sex with a woman, but the difference is, in The Seduction, the man succeeds but in To His Coy Mistress, he does not. Both of the male characters are very similar and both are sex obsessed and lonely. The 2 poems view love in a different way. In The Seduction, we see love as something that is discardable and that the man doesn't care. In To His Coy Mistress we see that the man claims to be in love with the woman and if he is it shows that love is a part of sexual relationships. I think the seduction effected me most because it shows just how easy it is for a woman to be tricked into unprotected sex and that men can get away with manipulating women so easily. It also shows just how easy it is for 1 mistake to mess up someone's entire life. I think the story line of the poem is shocking cause it shows how the media manipulates people and can ruin lives. ...read more.

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