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Comparison of 'The Speckled Band' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and 'Lamb to the slaughter' written by Roald Dahl.

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This essay compares two stories. 'The Speckled Band' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, written over a hundred years, and 'Lamb to the slaughter' written by Roald Dahl, over twenty years ago. These stories can be compared because there are many differences in the plot, structure and the time it was written. In fact, there are more differences than similarities. One way in which the two stories differ is the plot. 'The Speckled Band' has a pre-meditated murder but 'Lamb to the slaughter has a spontaneous murder. In, 'The Speckled Band', the murder is planned with great effort. Dr. Roylott had to move the victim to the middle of the three rooms. From there, he will let the snake out into the ventilator. The snake would slide towards the middle room; get down, onto the cord attached to the dummy bell. From there, it would go down to the bed, which is clamped to the floor, so the victim could not move the bed. ...read more.


There are more clues given in 'The Speckled Band' than in 'Lamb to the slaughter'. 'Lamb to the slaughter' begins with a romance like atmosphere. However, later when a murder occurs it changes to a murder mystery. Different language is used in both stories. 'The Speckled Band' is in first person narrative and 'Lamb to the slaughter' is in third person narrative. 'The Speckled Band' is narrated as " I had no keener pleasure.........." And " I rapidly threw on my clothes". 'The Speckled Band uses long and hard sentences. The language is very formal and polite and reflects good manners, like, "My dear fellow" and "Good morning, Madam", whereas we would now say, 'Miss' instead of 'Madam'. This is the type of language that would have been typical over one hundred years ago. Language in 'Lamb to the slaughter' is the complete opposite to the language in 'The Speckled Band'. It uses colloquial, relaxed and casual language like, 'Hullo' instead of 'Hello'. ...read more.


When Helena goes to Sherlock Holmes, he and his assistant are very surprised because in those days women were hardly allowed to get out of the house without their husbands. They were even more surprised when they discovered that she had actually travelled using fare in a train. At that time, women didn't have any money. Before marrying their father's had the money. After marriage their husbands had the money and Helen had money on her, which was very unusual. In 'Lamb to the slaughter, the victim, Patrick, doesn't sense a thing before he's murdered. In conclusion, both stories are very good. However, my recommendation would be 'The Speckled Band' because there's more suspense because we discover who the murderer is at the end, so it keeps us to read on. However, in 'Lamb to the slaughter' we already know the criminal. By that I wonder why it's in the genre 'Murder Mystery' since there is no mystery. Therefore, 'The Speckled band' is a better choice. Varinder Singh Plaha 10T Comparison essay English Ms. White ...read more.

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