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Comparison of the two characters Boxer and Napoleon in George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Comparison of the two characters Boxer and Napoleon in George Orwell's Animal Farm Animal Farm is often described as a satire on political power. George Orwell uses the animal characters to represent different historical figures and ideas. George Orwell's novel is a satire of the Russian revolution and of communism in general. He does this through his portrayal of his characters, which is generally done in a negative way. For example, the public are seen as sheep and the revolution leaders as pigs. The novel is particularly a warning about the ways that power can be abused by individuals. ...read more.


Napoleon's character gradually changes for the worst as his power over the animals increases. At the start of the novel Napoleon is simply one of several pigs but by the end of the novel Napoleon has turned events to his own advantage and become the most dominant animal on the farm. For example, in Chapter 2, Napoleon appears to be the silent character who does not seem to have the plans and ideals that Snowball does. However, his silence hides a devious side to his nature and we see him taking charge of the milk which he later uses for the sole use of the pigs, tricking the other animals by saying that this is ...read more.


Boxer is an enormously strong horse whose work on the farm is essential for its survival. Through Boxer Orwell shows however, that when a worker works blindly for a society without critical thinking he contributes not only to his own exploitation, but also to the exploitation of other members of that society. Orwell is saying that when Mr and Mrs Average do not think for themselves and place their trust blindly in the decisions of people who they think are their natural superiors they are acting irresponsibly. In summary, George Orwell uses the characters of Napoleon and Boxer in order to make his own critical statement about the abuse of power in authority ?? ?? ?? ?? Anthony Carter GCSE Coursework 1 ...read more.

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