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Comparison of The Withered Arm and Lamb to the Slaughter

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Comparison of The Withered Arm and Lamb to the Slaughter Dean Beckett 11P2 The Withered arm was written in by . The Withered arm was set back when people were still divided into tier's. The wealthy land owners, and the workers, who were often quite poor. The story is about the life of Rhoda Brook and how she becomes jealous of her ex boyfriends new wife, she becomes so jealous that she accidentally curses her. This is where the title of the play comes from because the curse causes Gertrude's arm to become withered. Rhoda is a milkmaid, and a social reject, she is talked about by her work colleagues behind her back and doesn't socialise with them in any way. She is a lonely milkmaid and looks far older than her age, she seems to be a genuinely nice person who is glad of Gertrude's friendship even though she is jealous of her position. ...read more.


There is one reason that points to Rhoda being guilty of placing the curse upon Gertrude, firstly she is jealous of Gertrude and even if she doesn't realise it, probably had an underlying hatred towards Gertrude because of her position in society. But Rhoda didn't realise that she was cursing Gertrude, she believed it was a dream and even woke up in her own bed after the dream. Farmer Lodge can be blamed for this happening, If he hadn't left Rhoda when she was pregnant and if he hadn't neglected his son then Rhoda would have no reason to be jealous of Gertrude, the curse and jealousy Rhoda felt towards Gertrude was only there because of the hurt Farmer Lodge had caused to Rhoda and her son. The second tragedy, Rhoda's sons death is not any one's fault, it simply come about from the son being in the wrong place at the wrong time. ...read more.


Patrick is also to blame because he was leaving Mary and she couldn't cope with it. In lamb to the slaughter Mary isn't entirely to blame for her actions as she could not cope with what her husband told her and in the withered arm Rhoda Brook is not entirely to blame either. Society is to blame in The Withered Arm in the way that they rejected Rhoda and made her feel like an outcast. And the husbands in both the stories are to blame for the tragedies that occurred. Patrick gave her news she could not handle and made no effort to comfort her after having told her leaving it to go round in her head, winding her up until she did something about it. And Rhoda would not have been jealous of Gertrude and would not have ended up cursing her and destroying the marriage between Gertrude and Farmer Lodge if he hadn't have left her whilst she was pregnant and then rejected his one and only son. ...read more.

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