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Comparison of two stories - "Farthing House" by Susan Hill and "The Red Room" by H G Wells

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Comparison of two stories "Farthing House" by Susan Hill and "The Red Room" by H G Wells are both in the ghost genre; although they are both in the ghost genre there are many differences and similarities in the two stories. I am going to analyse the two stories and find the differences and similarities. The title "The Red Room" suggests this story is in the horror/thriller or romance genre as the colour red suggests this. "Farthing House" suggests this story is about an old house as a farthing is an old coin and so suggests this is an old house. Both titles "The Red Room" and "Farthing House" also suggest both settings are in a house or in part of a house. ...read more.


"The red room" is totally internal; this creates an enclosed and scary effect. "Farthing House" is set in more than one place and so does not create the same effect as "The Red Room". Both stories are first person narration: "I thought of Cedar room" and "I can assure you" show this. First person narration makes the reader feel they are in the story, both stories are also recounts. One narrator is a woman in "Farthing House", the evidence to support this is "you are Ms Flower, how nice to meet you. Janet Pearson" this shows that the narrator is obviously a woman. The narrator in "The Red Room" is a man: "H G Wells" The description in "Farthing House" and "The Red Room" are quite similar to other, firstly the two stories describe the surroundings often this can be seen by "FARTHING HOUSE ...read more.


"Decaying yellow teeth" suggests the character is rotting and creates a sort of sick and dirty feel of him. "Farthing house" also creates a stereotype, as there is not much description or information about "aunt addy" this creates a stereotype of her. Another difference between both stories is their style of writing; farthing house uses a much more modern style of language: "I've been extremely comfortable," I said firmly" and "the red room" uses a much more old style of writing "I can assure you" said I" shows this story is set a long time ago. From the analysis it can be seen that the two ghost stories are quite different although they do have similarities. "The Red Room" uses much more description than "Farthing House" but they both use the same main setting (inside a house/room). They both have different characters and style of writing but overall they are quite similar. ...read more.

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