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Comparison of two versions of Romeo and Juliet (Act 3 Scene 1)

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Comparison of two versions of Romeo and Juliet (Act 3 Scene 1) I am comparing the same scene (act three scene 1) from two different versions of the play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. The Zefferelli version which is set in Verona, Italy in the Tudor times and the Luhrman version which is set on Verona Beach, America from the present day. The clothing worn by the actors are very different in the two versions. In the Zefferelli version all the actors wore tights and Tudor clothing whereas in the Luhrman version the clothing is much more modern. The Montague's wear loud colourful shirts, jeans and are pretty laid back; the Capulet's wore black suits, steel heel shoes and look like a mafia gang. The two different times that the versions were set are shown by certain things that happen in the play. Such as In the Luhrman version all the actors use guns whereas in the Zefferelli version all the actors use swords, all though the language is kept the same in both versions the weapons are called swords. The fight scene also shows differences in time such as in the Zefferelli version, when Romeo goes after Tybalt he chases him on foot whereas in the Luhrman version he chases him in a car. ...read more.


Tybalt doesn't like the fact that Romeo doesn't want to fight. He tells him to "turn and draw" which is a saying often used in western films it means they both turn there backs, tack a certain amount of steps forward then turn and both shoot. In the Luhrman version he punches him, kicks him and much more until Romeo starts to bleed shouting at him to "turn and draw" whereas in the Zefferelli version Tybalts just tells him to "turn and draw". Romeo still doesn't want to fight, after all their family now, although no one knows this apart from Romeo and the audience. This is called "dramatic irony". This causes a much more tense audience as they can't wait to see what happens next. So instead of fighting Romeo tells Tybalt to "be satisfied" In the Luhrman version Romeo pulls out he's gun while saying this whereas in the Zefferelli version he just shakes Tybalts hand. In the Zefferelli version the humour is high and Tybalt puts he's hand in the water as if to say Romeo has germs and everyone laughs, when he takes he's hand out of the water he splashes Mercutio who is still bathing in the fountain, this is were Mercutio decides to fight, after all, Romeo won't. ...read more.


In the Zefferelli version he chases after him on foot whereas in the Luhrman version a car chase breaks out. When they meet the sense of fair play goes out of the window Romeo just wants to kill Tybalt. In the Luhrman version the two cars crash and Tybalts gun falls out, they then fight for the gun, in the end Romeo gets the Gun and shoots Tybalt repeatedly. Whereas in the Zefferelli version they both draw their swords and they fight, at one stage in the fight Romeo loses he's sword. Usually the fight would stop due to fair play not this time other people even try to stop the person getting the sword back to Romeo. Then Tybalt loses he's sword and they have a scruff on the floor then Tybalt gets he's sword back and is just about to kill Romeo when Romeo picks up a sword and stabs Tybalt in the heart. Romeo then realises what he has done and says "I am fortunes fool" and runs off". When the police arrive on the scene all is tearful for Romeos parents and Tybalts too. But in the end the prince has had enough of these public brawls and banishes Romeo. We still watch Romeo and Juliet even though it was written so many years ago, this is because the moral of the film is that gang wars are bad, the world would be a better place without wars. Scott Pearce 11A ...read more.

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