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Comparisons and contrasts of Romeo and Juliet's experiences in 1:5 and 2:2

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Comparisons and contrasts of Romeo and Juliet's experiences in 1:5 and 2:2 Romeo and Juliet's feelings towards each other change greatly between their first meeting, in Act1 Scene5 and their second in Act2 Scene2. We also see a change in the language they use and the contexts which occur in both scenes. There are also some similarities in their feelings and language shown as well. There is an immense amount of feelings and thoughts shown and received, throughout Act1 Scene5. Both lovers obviously have feelings towards each other as soon as they meet, "O she doth teach the torches to burn bright!" and "My only love sprung from my only hate!" show there are important feelings. But whether these are deep, caring and loving feelings or just a confused and impulsive reaction from two young people towards the opposite sex is still to be found out later in the play. We see that Romeo appears a lot more than Juliet Act1 Scene1 he also seems a lot more attracted to Juliet than she does to him at first because as soon as Romeo sees Juliet he wants to know who she is, "What lady's that which doth enrich the hand?" he asks the serving man, when Juliet first sees Romeo she is not quite as enthusiastic, she seems to flirt more than want to find out his name, "Good Pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much". ...read more.


O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again." Romeo kisses Juliet for the second time, she compliments him, "You kiss by th'book." We can see the superiority of the male in both scenes which was typical in Shakespeare's time, we also see that young men like Romeo had much more freedom than women and could do more of what they wanted. We also see a link to the love of falconry and birds in those days again, "Hist, Romeo, hist! O for a falc'ner's voice, to lure his tassle back again." He also claims that, "With loves light wings I did o'erperch these walls." Again referring back to birds wings. There are many differences unique to Act2 Scene2, drawing attention to Romeo and Juliet's changing feelings and the aspects of language they use. Quite a lot has changed since they last met even though it was a very short period of time ago. They are now more worried about each others names after hearing them from the nurse and friends. Juliet does not care about Romeo's name any longer as she did in Act1 Scene5, "Tis by thy name that is my enemy; thou art thyself, not a Montague. What's Montague? It is nor hand nor foot, nor arm nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man. ...read more.


She is offering all to him now and wishes to give it greatly. She is exaggerating about her desire as too keep Romeo more interested than ever. Romeo also makes a two word adjective to describe a quality of Juliet, he describes Juliet and the night overall as, "Too flattering sweet to be substantial." So between the two love scenes, Act1 Scene5 and Act2 Scene2, we can see a development of feelings shown by Romeo and Juliet as their relationship progresses and they confess their love to one another and it becomes more important and caring. We can also see some big contrasts in views which have changed as well. For instance the way Juliet was concerned about names in the first love scene and then in the second she said herself that Romeos name did not matter to her, it was what that individual was like, not his family. Juliet is the more adult and I think that her purity and her sensible views have stopped this relationship spiralling out of control already. Whether she will keeps these views and follow what she had been told or Romeo corrupts her and she becomes more rebellious as the days go on, is to be discovered. ?? ?? ?? ?? English GCSE Jack Stalker 10T ...read more.

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