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Comparisons between Baz Luhrmann and Zeferelli versions of Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Act 1, scene 5 (the party scene) is one of the most important scenes in the play of Romeo and Juliet. In this essay, I am going to analyse this specific scene and show its importance to the overall plot. I will then go on to compare two different versions of the play and. Finally, I will write about how I, myself would direct the play on stage. Act 1, scene 5 is so interesting and enjoyable due to it being so lively and bright. With it being so jolly, due to the number of things happening at once, it helps to keep the readers attention. This scene is so important as it shows the first time that Romeo and Juliet meet and then instantly falling in love at first sight. Although there is a strong hatred between both the Montague and Capulet families, it shows that Romeo and Juliet are able to see through the turmoil and accept each other as human beings and not as enemies. Even when they find out which family each of them comes form, they still have feelings for each other. When they are talking, religious imagery is used to make their meeting seem very pure and innocent. When they start flirting with each other, the religious imagery is used to get across their feelings for one another. Juliet speaks 'Ay pilgrim, lips that must be used in prayer' when Romeo tries to kiss her. This helps to portray their love as being clean and honest. This scene is also a very important part of the play as it foreshadows what will happen later on. Although this certain scene is happy and upbeat, when Tybalt sees Romeo and Juliet with each other and Capulet tells him to ignore Romeo and not to cause any trouble at such a joyous occasion, Tybalt's expression shows that he will not allow the situation to rest. ...read more.


In Luhrmann's version, water is used in the bathroom to show that Romeo is washing away any past sins and is cleansing himself. The fish tank that Romeo and Juliet peer at each other through shows the war and barrier between the Montague's and Capulet's in such peaceful surroundings and that only Romeo and Juliet are able to see through it. In Zeferelli's version, props are used to also show the war and obstacles between the two families. As Romeo and Juliet look at each other through a barrier of people, it helps to establish that they will have to overcome a great deal if they are ever to be together. Also, as they talk to each other around a stone pillar, this shows the obstruction between them, which stops them from being together. For most of the party scene in Luhrman's version, we see it through Romeo's point of view. This is to show Romeo's inadequateness and that he is not secure. It also shows that Romeo is drastically confused when he's spinning around when he's drugged and that he doesn't know what he wants. At the beginning of the scene, there is quite a lot of quick camera cuts to show a lot of the action. When Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time, the cuts slow down to show that each of them is deep in love and now know what the want. There are also quick cuts between Tybalt and Capulet to show their opposing views and feelings. Tybalt comes across as if he wants to stir up trouble and start a fight. In zeferelli's version, there is also quite a bit of camera shooting with Romeo's point of view to show his thoughts and feelings. Part of the scene is shot with people dancing and showing you them spinning around. There are quick cuts between Romeo and Juliet to show that Romeo is falling deeply in love. ...read more.


Strong sad music will then be played as Romeo exclaims his disappointment when he is the only person on the stage. He will then saunter slowly off the stage by the left just before Juliet walks happily onto the stage by the right slowly followed by her godmother running after her. She will be told that Romeo is a Montague and that her father would never allow the couple to be. Juliet will fall to her knees and shout her sadness. The lights will then fade and the curtains will close to show the immense sadness. Juliet's godmother will be dressed as an angel to show that even though she was the barer of bad news, she was only trying to protect and look out for Juliet. To conclude, in this essay I have done my best to analyse Act 1, scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet. I have explained what makes the scene so important and how it affects the rest of the plot. I have described two different versions of Romeo and Juliet in quite a lot of detail and have compared them both. By doing this, I was able to find out how the two different directors, Zeferelli and Luhrmann used their own techniques to make the play of Romeo and Juliet interesting and easy to understand. I then described how I would direct the play of Romeo and Juliet on stage if I were given the chance. By doing this essay, I was able to understand the story of Romeo and Juliet in greater depth. I recognize how both of them must have felt trapped and unable to breath without being prosecuted. I now appreciate more the society that we live in today and the freedom that we have to live our lives in the way that we feel right. I also understand the immense love that both Romeo and Juliet must have shared and that war and hatred can do so much evil and that people need a wakeup cal to be prepared to change their ways. Kyle Davison ...read more.

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