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Comparisons of Edwards and Mickey

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Comparisons of Edward and Mickey. This play involves to main characters, Edward Lyons and Mickey Johnstone. Russell portrays both the twins as very different, yet comparable twins despite the circumstances and surroundings they have grown up in. In Blood brothers, the stage directions the writer of this play uses show both characters emotion and physical movement which make a great impact on the personalities of the characters. He also uses different techniques to raise tension and help readers imagine the situation of the play. We can see an immediate contrast between two characters and the bond between Mickey and Eddie, and the notable differences between their separate upbringings. We see Mickey and Eddie spoil in childhood games of gunfights, which we find more emotional as we already anticipate their death scene. This also brings a bitter taste of sarcasm to Mickey's involvement in a shooting later in the play. This in turn leads to his imprisonment, depression and the desperation in which he pulls a gun on his best friend and brother. For the readers/audience of Blood brothers, we see Mickey and Eddie's friendship blossom knowing that they are brothers and the fact that they are unaware. ...read more.


It seems slightly ironic that although the Johnstone family is very poor they start off cheerfully, compared to the Lyons who are rich and never seem happy. This makes the audience want to know what is wrong in the lives of both families and twins which creates dramatic tension. The homes of Mickey and Eddie highlight their class and tell us the very different upbringing they have from 2 very diverse mothers. In act one, we immediately realise that Mickey lives in a small house as the Johnstone's seem to be very poor. We know they are poor by the children's speech in the play. It is very easy to notice that the Johnstone's have a small house due to the way Russell describes their poor background and how the Johnstone's are a very poor family. As for Edward, He seems to have a big and comfortable house with Mrs Johnstone working as a cleaner. From act one, we notice straight away that Mrs Lyons owns this type of house. A quote that shows us this is "It's a pretty house isn't it? It's a pity it's so big, I'm finding it rather large at present" Page 7. ...read more.


The fact that she in not in control of this one situation in her life, takes over everything else in her life. Mrs.Johnstone: She's down and out with life, but has a great relationship with her children, and though life is very hard for her, finds a reason to smile. Mickey and Edwards's education and jobs separate them widely from each other. Their different backgrounds are a impact on this. Edwards education has a large effect on the way he presents himself as the knowledge provides him with an example of how he should lead his life. We find out that due to Eddie's better education, he has a better future and helps out his blood brother Mickey; however Mickey is oblivious to this. Linda does not want Edward to hurt Mickey's pride therefore she tells Edward not to inform Mickey of this. Overall, Mickey and Edward seem to be very similar brothers who have the same types of aspirations for the future and expect a lot from it. In some ways they seem to be similar and in many ways they seem to be different which show us how different lifestyles can affect the future. We come to know that fate can change a lifestyle and people can end up anywhere. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 3 Avleen Kaur Arora 10KA English ...read more.

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