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comparitve poetry essay

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Comparative Poetry Essay In this essay I will be looking at four poems. The four poems are; 'The Beggar Woman' by William King, 'Rapunzstiltskin' by Liz Lockhead, 'I Wanna Be Yours' by John Cooper Clarke and 'Our Love Now' by Martyn Lowery. They include subverted and traditional roles. All poems are about love and the different sides of relationships. They are conveyed through language, imagery and similes/metaphors. 'The Beggar Woman' is about a gentleman who while hunting falls upon a poor, lower class woman who is carrying a baby on her back. The man starts sweet talking her. The poor woman tricks the man and (to the gentleman) tied the baby. She tricks the man and runs away. The woman was trying to teach the man a lesson as he tried to use her for sex. The gentleman compares the lower class woman to a game. He treats her as if she is the prey and he is the predator. I think the message the poet is trying to send is, that men only want one thing in relationships i.e. ...read more.


Instead the woman is the clever one and the man is the foolish type. The second poem 'Rapunzstiltskin' is about a maiden who is left abandoned in a tower, comes to almost love her loneliness then along comes a prince with all the wrong answer, but instead of trying to rescue her, he too like the 'gentleman' in 'The Beggar Woman' only intends to have sex with her. The maiden becomes impatient with the prince who leaves her responsible for her own escape, '... skeins of silk from which she was meant, eventually to weave her own escape'. She isn't too happy with this arrangement. At the end of the poem the maiden is disappointed in the prince as he failed to rescue her. The prince then compliments her to try and calm her down. 'Why, you're beautiful?' he guessed tentatively'. This poem challenges traditional gender representation. We expect men to be there to help whenever a damsel is in distress, and are tender and gentle with them. ...read more.


This makes him seem like a person you can rely on. The kind of relationship portrayed is a kind of 'needy' relationship. The tone changes towards the end when the word 'deep' is repeated which expresses how deep his love is. However this is not shown as the poem seems romantic. The style of the poem has the poem has been carefully structured so that the male character starts by giving a name of the object, and then he relates it to himself and the relationship. It helps to communicate his love to the audience. The language devices and the tone of this poem relates to its meaning. The poet is trying to convey through the poem that men need woman more than they need themselves. The pleading tone shows that the man is desperate to prove his love the woman. This subverts the stereotype of the man usually being in control; this compares to 'The Beggar Woman' as the man in this poem is not in control either. The comparisons between the 3 poems are that all poems use metaphors to create imagery however they are all different to each other. ...read more.

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