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competitive activities

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Competitive activities-detrimental to children growth Are you aware that competition has been so ubiquitous in children's life nowadays? They have to cope with a myriad of competition in nearly every aspect of their life, ranging from their academic subjects to their interest development. Parents are convinced that it is for the sake of nurturing their beloved children; politicians claim this equips the new generation with skills essential for the competitive new era. But do our children really benefit from it? It is without doubt that competitive activities enhance children's adaptability to future society. However, as children are still in the stage of developing their personality, being exposed too early to competition would distort their outlook on learning. ...read more.


This is placing the cart before the house and is certainly undesirable. What is twisted is not only children's attitude towards participation in various activities but also their enthusiasm for actualizing their potential. Though competition, children can gain recognition for their achievement. In order to receive such approval, children would learn in accordance with the demand imposed in the competition. For whose who succeed in being recognized, they would restrict their learning to the existing standard while those who so not receive approval would deny their abilities. Both of them are not motivated to explore their potential. ...read more.


Thanks to the fact that they have to gain in the same aspect, children would be hostile towards each other. Without cordiality, nobody would put their heads together, and true comradeship ceases to exist. Worse still, this rival relationship would most likely accompany the children throughout their growth and impede the development of harmonic relationship, Wouldn't we want our children to learn and grow together in concord? Wouldn't we like to see children develop their potentials to the fullest extent? All the avenues we are trying. Designing and reforming aim at providing the ideal context to nurture our children, but pushing them to competitive activities is certainly the most insane and useless one. For the sake of the children's future, we have to halt the prevalent competitive activities among children. ...read more.

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