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Complete a piece of creative writing, charting the story of the boy with the birthmark, until his death on the island. You may wish to start how and why he was evacuated, or from the plane crash, or the first time he heard the conch.

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Lord of the Flies Complete a piece of creative writing, charting the story of the boy with the birthmark, until his death on the island. You may wish to start how and why he was evacuated, or from the plane crash, or the first time he heard the conch. Tyler scrambled from underneath the large panel of metal, which hung from the remains of the aircraft. He stared around his surroundings, trying to make sense of it all. Rubbing his head, which was covered in grass and mud, he clambered to a clearing in the jungle. A large noise suddenly rung in his ears. Tyler swung around glaring at the tall green trees that towered him. Again, the same ear piercing sound rung through his pale ears. He followed his instincts and found himself walking towards this groaning noise. His walk turned in to a run and in the distance he saw crowds of people, two of whom he distinctively recognised. Panting, he eventually reached the crowd and was greeted by a large, pale, rounded, boy. The fat boy breather deeply into Tyler's fragile face, on one of which side had a mulberry-coloured birthmark. Tyler's deep brown eyes stared at the creature. "Hello! I'm here to help you! What's your name?" heaved the repulsive creature. Tyler debated whether to answer. This creature somewhat intimated Tyler. "I'm..," the creature attempted to say, he took a deep breath. ...read more.


Tyler let out his breath. He tried to hide his disappointment. He turned to Johnny and realised he was actually feeling the same. He slyly shrugged. "C'mon, let's go explore!" suggested Johnny, excited. At once Tyler felt better. He smiled at Johnny and followed him and the other boys. They scrambled down to the beach and settled in the sand. Johnny and Tyler immediately began to build sandcastles and towers in the sand. These intrigued them for quite a few hours. Johnny scampered off for a little while, Tyler being so absorbed did not even realise. Tyler suddenly felt like he was being watched. He swiftly turned around and there, staring right back at him were a big pair of brown eyes. Tyler, closed his eyes tight and screamed. Johnny hearing the scream not far off came running down to the beach in alarm. "Tyler! Tyler! What's wrong?" demanded Johnny. Tyler, in a cold sweat, remained speechless, slowly opened his eyes. When he saw nothing there, but Johnny he sighed a sigh of relief. "Tyler! What's wrong?" repeated Johnny. Tyler stared at the place were he had met the big large brown circles. In disbelieve he began to feel extremely embarrassed. Johnny looked at him strangely. He knew something was wrong. "Johnny, I, just, um, saw a beastie!" muttered Tyler, wishing he could be more honest about. Johnny's eyes widened Bradley, another boy, similar age to Johnny and Tyler joined them. ...read more.


suggested Johnny, full of adventure. Tyler desperate to get the beastie out of his mind agreed quickly. The three of them all began trudging through the jungle and eventually near the mountain. "Let's play hide and seek!" proposed Bradley. "Yeah! I'll count you two hide," concluded Johnny. Tyler and Bradley nodded and scattered elsewhere. Tyler, still frightened, but determined to forget the incident of the beastie, ran as fast as he could to find a secret hiding place. He first his in some green bushes, which looked like candle-buds. He soon discovered that he was revealing quite a lot of himself, so he decided to find a better place still. He found a big triangular rock, which jutted out, from behind a thick forest of trees. He sat, very still for a good twenty minutes. Satisfied that he had found a decent hiding place, we settled down. Few minutes later he smelt a distinct smell of smoke. He inhaled deeply, ' definitely smoke' he thought to himself. The smell got stronger and stronger until Tyler was certain he could feel heat. He immerged from behind the triangular rock, and there he saw snakes. Hundreds of snakes. Only these weren't beastie snakes, these were flames. Tyler quickly realised he was surround by towering orange snakes. He screamed and screamed yet nothing seemed to come out. Tyler began to weep to himself; he closed his eyes shut, as tight as when he first saw the beastie. The flames got hotter and hotter and scorched Tyler. He never opened his eyes again. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE William Golding section.

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