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Composition and grammar.

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Kelly Dewitt Mr. Koeman 11/04/03 Composition and grammar So I'm sitting in the library on Wednesday, minding my own business, when a person sits down across the table from me. No biggie, I don't even look up. Then I hear in a young mans voice tell me, "I love your ring!" and there looking at me, grinning is a man. Early 20's, sparkling eyes and beautiful face." Thanks," I said. "You have, um, nice ... shoes!" I was acting like a moron! He laughed, but a good, tinkling laughter. We start a conversation, but for the life of me I can't remember what about and the next thing I know, he's giving me his phone number! At this point my brain is on complete excitement. So, obviously, I'm about to say something really, really, stupid: "Thank you. Have a nice day!" 'Have a nice day'? That's what I say to customers who annoy me all day! He just smiles big with those pearly whites and walks away. So, I call him that evening, and we talk, again I don't remember what about. ...read more.


Infatuation is foolish and usually extravagant passion or love or admiration. It is temporary love of an adolescent and, an object of extravagant short-lived passion. Love is the best thing to experience. Communication is key to love. Love depends on communication. Talking to your partner allows you to get to know each other better, and also understand each other. By communicating you will work out your problems faster and easier. Infatuation lacks communication in a way to get to know each other. Being infatuated with someone doesn't require you to understand or know each other. It is a feeling that you think you need. Communication needs to be a factor in love and infatuation. They both need communication. Love and infatuation both consist on communication, but in different ways. Love is reality. When you know you are in love, it's real. Being in love has no negative things about it. Love cannot be broken. Infatuation is an illusion. An illusion is something that is not real. Also, being in an infatuated relationship it only makes you feel good through an emotion you think you need. ...read more.


The feelings will get boring and eventually be weakened to the point where it is gone completely. Love is strengthened by time. Having time allows you to get to know the person you love more. Growing in love also requires time. Both love and infatuation have to do with time. In love time is precisions in means of understanding and in infatuation time is waiting to end. Love is interested in the other person. It seeks to give instead of receive. You would do anything for that person you love and not care so much about yourself. Infatuation is selfish. It is more interested in the feeling that the other person. All you care about is yourself. Infatuation and love both deal with interest in the other person but in different ways. Love is more interested in what the other person wants instead of what you want. Love and infatuation are completely opposites but also compare in ways that they contrast. Being in love is the best thing. Love will never fail and infatuation will fail. Being in love or being infatuated is a question most people ask. The characters of each will determine your feelings that you really have, and not what you think you have. ...read more.

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