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Conan Doyle's hero Sherlock Holmes was popular in Victorian and Edwardian society for many reasons. What in your opinion ,makes the stories

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Comparative essays on Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle�s hero Sherlock Holmes was popular in Victorian and Edwardian society for many reasons. What in your opinion ,makes the stories "The Red Headed League "and "The Speckled Band"exciting and successful ? Sherlock Holmes stories are some of the best detective stories ever written . They were written by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle (1850-1930) who was a medical doctor . "The Red Headed League" was published in 1891 and "The Speckled Band" was published in 1892 in a magazine called The Strand Magazine . "The Red Headed League" is about a mysterious organisation which Mr. Holmes� client , Mr. Wilson was working for until it dissolved . Finally this strange league turns out to be simply a cover up to distract Mr . Wilson while the criminals dig a secret passage from his cellar intending to rob gold from the "City and Suburban Bank" . " The Speckled Band" is about a cruel stepfather (Dr. Roylott) with an intention of murdering his step daughters to acquire their property. ...read more.


The arrival of their crime detecting new hero, Sherlock Holmes, would have definitely provided reassurance. Sherlock Holmes is described as "the relentless, keen- witted, ready-handed criminal agent" . He is shown as the best in the detective field with every skill that a detective needs.. He has a "brilliant reasoning power" and it amazes the readers in ways how he draws correct conclusions from small observations . For example, in "The Red Headed League" , by looking at John Clay�s "worn wrinkled and stained " knees he realises that John Clay has been digging a passage to the bank . On the other hand he is also shown as a lonely man without a family life. I think this is done deliberately for psychological reasons to prevent readers from hating him because even though some might feel jealous for his investigating skills on the other hand they will feel pity for his lonely life . Dr. Watson is the narrator of the stories .Doctors are one of the most trusted professions as they traditionally have an image of being saviours . ...read more.


In both stories the climax is an interesting part with full of suspense and action .In "The Red Headed League" the climax is more like a thriller which includes Mr.Holmes and Scotland Yard Officers surrounding the cellar and arresting the criminals . In "The Speckled Band" the climax is set more like a horror sequence which includes action with a mysterious creature (which later turns out to be a snake) and the death of Dr.Roylott . Even though they might not be much thrilling to us as we have seen many thriller and horror movies it would have been really interesting for the Victorian and Edwardian readers . The climax is always kept full of suspense either if it is about whether the criminal might escape from justice (John Clay in "The Red Headed league" for example) or about whether the innocent will be hurt (Helen Stoner in "The Speckled Band" for example) . In the end we can notice that in both cases what we wanted happened (which is the criminal being punished and the innocent being protected) , which restores morality . ...read more.

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