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Concentrating on one Poem by each Poet, Compare and Contrast the ways in which Hughes and Wordsworth Present Man's Relationship with Nature

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Concentrating on one Poem by each Poet, Compare and Contrast the ways in which Hughes and Wordsworth Present Man's Relationship with Nature Both Hughes and Wordsworth have beliefs about man's relationship with nature, but I feel that they see the relationship between the two in different ways. Hughes has a more pessimistic and negative approach, feeling that nature must protect herself from man's destructive nature, while Wordsworth believes that nature is a teacher and nurtures you. Wordsworth uses a more optimistic and positive approach in his poetry. Wordsworth sees nature in a romantic and spiritual sense that protects and is constantly feeding and inspiring man's mind and helping it to grow. On the other hand Hughes sees man as interfering and destructive towards nature and is excluded from its harmony. Hughes personality is much more complicated and hard to deal with, so to speak, than Wordsworth's; this is reflected in his attitude towards nature because he thinks that nature is a violent and brutal enemy towards man and even itself. From this you can tell that he is quite a brooding and depressive man. I have chosen to compare 'Work and Play' by Hughes and by Wordsworth I have chosen 'Expostulation and Reply' and 'The Tables Turned' which are poems on the same subject but 'The Tables Turned' is set later on in the day and is the 'Companion-Piece' to 'Expostulation and Reply'. I chose to study these two poems because I think that it is very interesting how the beliefs of Hughes and Wordsworth are ...read more.


what is depicted here is the actions of her wings as she 'works'. It is quite ironic because the swallow is having fun whilst she is working whilst the people down below who are supposedly on holiday are finding the day stressful and being burnt in the process. And this is what Hughes and Wordsworth believe because all men should learn from the swallow's examples and in turn be taught by nature. However the humans weren't actually inspired by the swallow, they didn't even notice it in the poem. But I think that the reader is supposed to be the one that is inspired. Both poets believe that nature is a powerful force and can be potentially very dangerous to both man and it. In 'Work and Play' the people on the beach are burnt and hurt as they lie in the ferocious power of the sun 'laid out like wounded' as if they have been to war and severely beaten by other soldiers; with their 'raw faces' and 'raw bodies'. This leads to another issue about how man goes to war against its own species, killing millions of other men over stupid things like pride, greed, and ambition. This all shows that nature is an extremely powerful force that could do many things that are more powerful than anything man can do. The people on the beach develop headaches, and start to fight whilst the children cry. ...read more.


There is also a lot of repetition of the letter's' in the swallow's lines which makes it flow off your tongue as you read it; emphasising the speed and agility of the swallow. Wordsworth shows this when he also speaks of a bird in 'The Tables Turned' 'And hark! How blithe the throstle sings! And he is no mean preacher;' here Wordsworth speaks of how beautiful and relaxed the throstle is when it sings and it teaches us with pleasure instead of rules, showing us again that man's ways are inferior to nature's. Overall I think that there are a few differences between Hughes and Wordsworth and their beliefs about the relationship between man and nature. This is because Wordsworth lived in a period in time that was called the romantic era, this is reflected in his views and the ways he writes as a poet. Whereas Hughes who lived in the 20th century, had quite different views about man's relationship with nature. I think that this is because the period of time that you live in influences you very heavily in the way you write or express anything. This is because public attitudes change along with what is accepted and what is not, or what the public will find most popular. I think that if Hughes had lived in Wordsworth's time his style of writing would not have been as popular as it is today, this is because Hughes style of writing has a more dramatic and dark edge to it whilst Wordsworth's poetry is more romantic so to speak and has a gentler way of putting things. ...read more.

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