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Concentrating on the presentation of character, setting and sound; examine what seems to you to be the most significant features of the Baz Luhrmann films you have studied.

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Concentrating on the presentation of character, setting and sound; examine what seems to you to be the most significant features of the Baz Luhrmann films you have studied. You should: * Consider the nature of Baz Luhrmann as a director, his aims and intentions. * Through an analysis of the opening scene of his text, Romeo and Juliet, consider how successful he is in achieving his goals * Move on to contrast this with Franco Zeffirelli's text. * Review Lurhmann's techniques by examining his ideas in the film 'Strictly Ballroom' in the light of what you know him as a director. * In your opinion, say how successful these directors have been by commenting on the texts you have studied Baz Luhrmann has been a director of many successful films so far but the ones we have studied, and the ones I will be using in this assignment are 'Strictly Ballroom' and fundamentally, 'Romeo and Juliet'. Before Baz Luhrmann began making the film, Romeo and Juliet, there were many things he had to think about and consider. His main aim was to not copy the original Shakespeare text, but change it enough just to make it a bit more modern. ...read more.


This is so because he is the 'King of Cats' but also because he has a more 'evil' side than the rest of his Capulets, as he hates the word peace. Therefore, as Luhrmann would have thought, a darker costume would, therefore, have suited him better. The Montagues however, are dressed in bright clothing. This is significant because we know that the Montagues and Capulets are rivals, but this is shown by the contrast in their appearance. Generally, Luhrmann's attempt to make the play similar, but updated is successful. The first impressions we get when watching it is that this is definitely a film based on the modern day. To find out it is a Shakespeare play however, it isn't exactly obvious, you will just have to know that Romeo and Juliet was originally a Shakespeare text as the, language cannot tell us exactly. However, if you do know where the play comes from, you are easily aware that it is a newer version of the Shakespeare text; not just a completely new movie. One of the main factors when making a movie in terms of presentation is the sound. In every single scene there will be at least 5 tracks of sound playing over each other at any one time. ...read more.


I think both of these directors have been successful in their own different ways Both have made 'copies' of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and we can see they both take a different approach to it, they are both aiming for the same thing, but in different ways. Where as Luhrmann prefers the modern style, Zeffirelly prefers the old, when-it-was-made style. Although these two films look extremely different when watching them, the texts they use are very similar, if not the same, which shows they are similar ideas, as we know. Personally out of the two, I think that Luhrmann's version has been the biggest success. When Zeffirelli made his film, there isn't much change; it still seems the exact same Shakespeare play, which would not appeal to many people, including me. However, Luhrmann has taken the Shakespeare version and changed it in his own way (remember: allowing access) and made a different kind of film but still base on the same story. He has in fact, made the film (especially the first scene) quite enjoyable and fun to watch. One of the biggest factors of this is the comedy that was included in the first scene, which Zeffirelli failed to provide us with. Steven Foy 10ST 1 ...read more.

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