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Conflict and tension in the final scene of act 1 of "A View from the Bridge".

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CONFLICT AND TENSION IN THE FINAL SCENE OF ACT 1 OF "A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE" "A View from the Bridge" was written by Arthur Miller. The play is about the Sicilian community. The main characters are, Eddie, Beatrice, Catherine, Marco, Rodolfo and Alfieri. At the start of the play Beatrice's cousins arrive in New York as submarines. This means that they are illegal immigrants. This causes Tension and Conflict because when Catherine and Rodolfo fall in love, Eddie gets jealous because he has an unnatural love for Catherine. Eddie thinks that Rodolfo is marrying Catherine so he can be a American citizen. And also Eddie makes things up about Rodolfo saying that he is gay, just because he sings, cooks and he can sew. The first example of conflict is between Marco and Eddie, Marco realises what Eddie is up to and he gets up, he goes to Eddie and says "can you lift this chair" Eddie reply's "what do you mean?" ...read more.


"I don't know" says Catherine. Beatrice says "don't tell you don't know; you're not a baby no more, what are you going to do with your self?" Finally the two sets of laws that cause tension is when Eddie asks Alfieri about what he should do about Catherine marrying Rodolfo. Alfieri says, "This is my last word, Eddie, take it or not, that's your business. Morally or legally you have no rights, you cannot stop it; she is a free agent." Then he says "I heard what you told me and I'm telling you what the answer is. I'm warning you- the law is nature. The law is only a word for what has a right to happen. When the law is wrong its because it natural." One of the most important scenes of tension and conflict is the final scene of act 1. at the beginning of this scene, the family are finishing dinner and Beatrice and Catherine are clearing the table. In this incident Eddie say's that he's heard that they paint oranges. ...read more.


Now, watch out, here I come, Danish! Eddie feints with his left hand and lands with his right. It mildly staggers Rodolfo. Eddie purposely hits Rodolfo. Marco realises what Eddie is up to and he stands up. Marco goes to Eddie and says, "can you lift this chair?" Eddie replies "what do you mean?" Marco raises on one knee with one hand behind his back, and grasps the bottom of the chair, but does not lift it, then Eddie try's lifting it , but he struggles and leans over to the floor. Marco kneels, grasps, and with strain slowly raises the chair higher and higher raising to his feet. Marco warns Eddie off. Marco behaves like this because he does not like Eddie messing about with his brother. In my opinion the person most to blame for the conflict is Eddie, because, Eddie is the one who is causing trouble for the family, and he an unnatural love for Catherine, he becomes jealous, because Rodolfo and Catherine are going out and he is not prepared to settle for half as Alfieri advises him to. Abdul Sabbir 10a 16/02/2005 ...read more.

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