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Conflict in Northern Ireland- "Oh God Help Us"

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Conflict in Northern Ireland- "Oh God Help Us" On the day Charlie's father Seamus, had died there had been fighting. Now that was no big thing to Charlie and his friends or indeed even his rivals for just about everything they did was scrutinised. And although Charlie would never say it, it was his father's fault they were in such a mess. Yes, it would have still been hard even if Seamus had not done what he did that day he died, but less so. For on the day Seamus was so brutally murdered, he was not the only warrior laid to rest. The murder of Seamus was not unprovoked though, for earlier that day Seamus himself had ripped away another woman's husband and another's child father. That day Seamus had not even turned to the person he believed he was fighting for. He had gotten so caught up in the fight that he muttered not one word as he lifted that crowbar to John McLeary's head, not even his usual battle cry of ' Or so help thee God'. Sean McLeary and his brother, Malachi sat in silence opposite their father's stone. ...read more.


No one knew what happened to his father other than the fact he was murdered and that another man, this time a Protestant was also murdered that night. Neither family knew what actually happened but both of the deceased did. All each family knew was that they had lost their father and their husband and home provider. All four of the boys, though very different both suffered the same things on that day and continue to suffer now. Both wives were faced with the most awful decisions and paralysed with fear. But sadly both men had lost their families, their wives, their children and their lives. Neither man wanted it to end like this. Indeed most probably neither man wanted to fight anyway, deep down inside them. They were good men turned bad by the bad things that surrounded them. Really they had no choice- if they had not fought they would have already died or and if they had not told and taught their children to fight, their children would be dead. Malachi and Sean rose up muttered a 'I love you' at the harshly engraved stone and left the yard at two minutes to twelve. ...read more.


There was blood everywhere and then a police siren was heard. The people scattered and the only ones left were the four boys. The youngest ones where dying and the oldest were almost dead. Each had received multiple injuries. 'My God.' Sean looked at Charlie and whimpered. Charlie turned using his last strength. 'Help us God' Charlie muttered, loud enough for only the other three boys to hear. They all looked at each other and as their mothers arrived crying and screaming, a silent realisation passed between all four boys. They were so similar and yet so alike. It occurred to them all that they all loved one God after all. They both believed in the same person, thing even. All these lives had been lost over a fight over something which there was no reason to fight over. Their mothers ceased to cry when they realised what had happened- not only their children's death as fourteen year olds and eight year olds, but also what had happened between their boys as they died. They looked to each other and consoled each other with their eyes. There was nothing left to say. Anna Cornock LVG ...read more.

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