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Congestion Charging

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Wednesday, 22 September 2004 Congestion Charging Resolving London's transport problems was the highest priority of the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. His goal was to create a world-class transport system that would improve business efficiency, supports greater economic prosperity and improves the quality of life for every one living in London or visiting London. The Mayor's transport strategy, which was published on 10 July 2001, it had ten key priorities: * Reducing traffic congestion; * Rising money for underground investment; * Rising money for radical improvements to bus services across London; * Better integration of the National Rail system with London's other transport systems; * Increasing the capacity of London's transport system; * Improving journey time reliability for car users; * Supporting local transport initiatives; * Making the distribution of goods and services in London more reliable and efficient; * Improving the accessibility of London's transport system; * Bringing forward new integration initiatives. What is Congestion Charges? * Congestion charging is a way of ensuring that those using valuable and crowded road space make a financial contribution. ...read more.


Traffic may increase on orbital routes by up to 5% o Traffic would be reduced on radial routes by 5 - 10% o Overall reduction in traffic by 1 - 2% o London scheme could simply make traffic worse elsewhere o Will hit disadvantaged hardest o The scheme had no pilot scheme to test the effectiveness of congestion charges o It will take months to establish whether it is a success Conclusion Congetion charges has it adavantages and disavantages an asthmatic would would totally spport congestion charges, as pollution caused by cars is a factor of asthame. It is also a class question. Those who can afford to have moved, those who can't have to stay and choke. If congestion charges give them and thier families a chance to breathe then I would fully support it. However, they need to be part of a plan aimed at enhancing the environment and improving the quality of life. This could include cheaper public transport and improvements in its quality, safety and reliability; more nurseries and play schools nearer to where people ...read more.


What about people on a low wage, old people, young mothers who are dependent on their motor car not only in London but throughout the nation? To those people, �5,000 or �10,000 a year is a lot. What I want to know is this. What consultations has the Labour party had with groups of disabled people? What consultations has it had with the unions in regard to low wage earners? What consultations has it had with old people--people who need their motor cars, and who will be taxed off the road if the charges are to work? If the Government say that is not their intention, and that such people will not be taxed off the road, I put it to them that there is no chance that their congestion charge will work. It is certain that the fat cats will not be taxed off the road. If the Government find a way of allowing housewives, young mothers, disabled people or members of the other categories to stay on the road, the amount of congestion will not be reduced, and all that we shall have is a revenue raiser for the mayor. Nicolas M'Bengle 1 ...read more.

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