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Cons of Gun Control

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´╗┐Sarah Klanica English 111-11:00 Dr. Lane 10 November 2009 Cons of Gun Control There are many domestic issues in our country that still need to be addressed. Most that you hear about are national and domestic issues. One way to look at the situation is that there is only so much people can do to make these situations better and as a result of that some get overlooked. A big issue that seems to grab the attention of many is gun control. Our current government wants to take away our right to bear arms. It is clearly stated in the United States Constitution in the second amendment that ?a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed?(On the Issues). ...read more.


It was a pertinent device to have in your house during the days that guns were necessary for everyday life. We were given the right to bear arms for a reason, that we are able to protect our country against harm. We need to be able to defend the land that we call free from terrorist and other threats to our country. The government cannot take away a right that we have had for centuries. It is our right to bear arms so we are able to defend ourselves if need be. Some statistics on gun control show that 91 percent of Americans believe that there should be at least minor restrictions on gun ownership (On the Issues). ...read more.


If every gun owner did this people would not have to worry so much about the issue of gun control. The issue on gun control will always be up for debate. There are always going to be people that are all for gun control and those that are against it. A happy medium between the two sides could be met if everyone would listen to each side?s reasoning?s. Since this is a government issue and they are involved it could be years before this dispute is settled. But for now we still maintain the right to bear arms as we always should. It should never be taken away and if the day comes they do take away that right there will be thousands of unhappy gun owners in the United States. ...read more.

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