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Consider Arthur Miller's skill in revealing character, plot and theme through the language of the play. Consider also the dramatic impact on the audience of this dialogue.

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Alex Clarke Consider Arthur Miller's skill in revealing character, plot and theme through the language of the play. Consider also the dramatic impact on the audience of this dialogue. A crucible is a container in which metal and other materials are heated so as to separate the pure metals from waste and impurities. The crucible in the title is a metaphor for the town of Salem and the period of witch-hunt madness. In the 'fire', some victims survive the temptations and fears and emerge as better and stronger people. Also two other books have been based on the seventeenth-century witch-hunts: The Lancashire Witches and the Mist over Pendle In the 17th Century, God was perceived as male and men were seen as the natural enforcers of God's will. Women were seen as unstable because of the biological function. This was a time when peoples role's in society were dearly defined by gender; Men needed to be physically strong to build, farm and fight off the savage American native Indians. Women had to be fertile; their role was domestic and some light farming chores (unskilled).The mans job was to keep his wife and daughters under control. ...read more.


There is also tension created by the contrasting attributes and personalities e.g. Goody Putnam, Rev. Parris John proctor and Rebecca Nurse. Throughout the play there is a romantic drama of emotions between John and Abigail - (John's rejection of her and Abigail's ability to determine and change the thought owned by John) This romantic drama is only one of the emotions that are felt between Hale and Tituba. Hale seeks to get rid of her 'evil' and seek her of her sins. He wants to do this as he feels that he wants her to have a small amount of justice in an all white community. This is because she was brought to the country as a black slave for her master, Rev. Parris Tituba was the founder of the religious calls for spirits "I give she chicken blood". 'She' is the Satan and the chicken blood is an offering. Also, there is an understanding between Danforth and Abigail which is unspoken but clearly observed. This is because, as an audience we can clearly observe the terrible power that creates the tension and the audience is also waiting for someone to laugh or to tell the truth. ...read more.


A way of understanding this is to focus upon the main characters in the play who are as follows Parris ,Abigail and Elizabeth. The all have individual characteristics and ways of appealing to the audience. During the play Parris he uses a lot of pronouns such as 'I' and 'me' this reveals that Parris is a pompous, vain man and that he is extremely selfish in his approach to life in general.Abigail has a passionate nature that is revealed in her utterances, this to the girls and to her wannabe lover John but the most strange is Elizabeth who has an ability to control her feelings but this makes the girl seem old and unloving. This is shown in the quote "Would freeze beer" Although a deeply religious protestant community they did not as a group of people practise forgiveness and Christian charity. This led to a culture of blame which made it easy for people to reject criticism of them and to push the blame for events on to others. Miller uses these people as a parallel to events in America in the 1950's when the McCarthy 'witch hunts' condemned people as communists, the new 'Devil' ...read more.

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