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Consider Atticus' role as a parent in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Is he a good father, in your opinion? You should refer closely to the text in your answer.

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Consider Atticus' role as a parent in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' Is he a good father, in your opinion? You should refer closely to the text in your answer. Is Atticus a good father? Atticus lived in Maycomb County, Alabama where he brought up his two children, Jeremy (Jem) and Jean-Louise (Scout) alone as his wife passed away when Scout was little. Maycomb County is inherently racist and consists of many prejudiced people. Most of the county called black people 'niggers', but to Atticus everyone is an equal. Atticus comes across as a very kind and gentle father, and never seems to loose his temper when Jem or Scout are naughty or misbehave. Atticus although a lawyer in Maycomb, does not earn a great deal of money and has too stretch it out between him and his children. Atticus tries to be good father as much as he can to Jem and Scout. He never brags about his abilities, he is loving and caring towards his children and tells them the difference between right and wrong. I think Atticus a good father and that he does extremely well looking after his children, Jem and Scout. ...read more.


Scout it seems learns more from Atticus than she does anywhere else, including school. Scout listens carefully to Atticus, which shows she has respect for him and values his advice. Later on in the book we find that Scout uses Atticus' advice by climbing into Jem's shoes and walking around in them, this proves the effect her father's words have on her. Jem also looks up to Atticus and almost uses him as a role model - 'Atticus is a gentleman, just like me!' this shows us that Atticus really doe set them both an example. Atticus, as I mentioned earlier, does not earn a great deal of money, and being the only one that brings money into the house, he has to provide everything for Jem and Scout, which can't be easy. He provides them with food, clothes and even guns, so he clearly spends most of his money on them. Like I said Atticus brought Jem and Scout air rifles for Christmas, which most people nowadays wouldn't even dream of buying for children age 6 and 12. This also could be another downfall, but Atticus clearly trusts his children and he tells them that they can shoot all the blue jays they want but 'it's a sin to kill a mockingbird.' ...read more.


Atticus as I said treats everyone as an equal and he shows this by defending Tom Robinson (a black man) in court. Scout asks why he's defending him if he shouldn't be, and Atticus tells her 'If I didn't I couldn't hold up my head in town, I couldn't represent this country in legislature, I couldn't even tell you and Jem not to do something again.' Scout understands what her father is saying; this shows that she really does listen to him. Lastly, I think that Atticus should have realised what Bob Ewell was up to and he shouldn't of just ignored all of his threats because by doing this he nearly lost his children and his children mean everything to him. I think Atticus is a brilliant father to Jem and Scout and sets a good example to them. But Atticus does have a few downfalls and really that puts a little dark cloud over Atticus, as a father as I think he should have realised that what he thought was right may not have been for his children! All in all though I think Atticus is a good father and I think I have proved that he is and that he loves his children and does his best to keep them happy. Alicia McGhee ...read more.

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