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Consider how Blake Edwards presents issues of identity and possession in 'Breakfast with Tiffany's'.

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Consider how Blake Edwards presents issues of identity and possession in 'Breakfast with Tiffany's' In this essay I am going to analyse the different techniques Blake Edwards used to present issues of identity and possession in the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' . 'Breakfast with tiffany's' is a film that was produced by Blake Edwards in 1961. Colour films had just come out and hit Hollywood. Audrey Hepburn was chosen as the main actress for the film. I think Audrey was chosen as the main actress because she is a tall and beautiful character with acting experience. George Peppard is the other main character; George Peppard plays the part of Paul who in the end falls madly in love with Holly. I think George Peppard was chosen as the main actor because he has a strong manly build and he looks like a typical New Yorker. The film is a romantic film, which contains lots of sweet romantic music. The scenes of identity and possession I am going to analyse are based upon the following events:- -How the cat represents conflict that Holly believes exists between love and ownership. ...read more.


"You just moved in, too, huh?" "No. I have been here about a year." Holly's real name is Lula Mae. She had this name when she was married to Doc. When Doc comes to find Holly, he talks to Paul and tells Paul the truth about her. "Her name isn't Holly. She was Lula Mae before I married her; I'm her husband Doc Golightly." I think Holly changed her name because she felt insecure and wanted a new life away from Doc and her old life. If Holly falls in love, she is afraid she will be possessed and so she will be kept in a cage. "Nobody's going to put me in a cage... it's the same thing... I am not Holly and I am not Lula Mae either. I'm like the cat, we belong to nobody." This tells us that she is scared of being owned and does not believe she will truly find the 'right guy' and will not find true love. This is her disbelief of life and herself at finding her truelove. Holly and Paul wear masks when they leave the toyshop together. When Holly and Paul leave the shop with the masks on Mrs Falenson talks too Paul and says, "If this is ...read more.


They used music throughout the whole film sweet music at times for the right occasion and then sometimes music that reflected the bad mood of a person talking. At the end when Paul and Holly revealed their love for each other by kissing. The director, in the last scene has a long high shot of Holly and Paul kissing they are wearing a sort of beige colour coats as they stand out from the other passer-bys as they are mostly wearing black. When Holly is scampering around the dark ally way the music is very sad but just as she finds the cat and Holly stares at Paul the music turns happy and joyful. When this happens, the music turns into lyrics as Holly moves closer to Paul. The cat represents love and conflict in the film but when Holly finds the cat again it wipes out all the conflict and means that she has found true love finally. When Holly was looking for the cat in the ally-way, it was very dark and it was pouring down with rain. However, when she finds the cat the lighting and rain suddenly gets brighter and slower, suggesting that Holly has now found true love and is not afraid of love. ...read more.

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