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Consider how dickens and Poe create mystery in their stories.

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Consider how dickens and Poe create mystery in their stories. When Charles Dickens wrote the story the Signalman he created eerie setting through out the whole story. He makes the surrounding have a wet and windy affect. The story is set in a next to a tunnel so when it is dark it make the surrounding cold with all different sound lurking around. In the beginning of the play there is a wet silence as the narrator Calls down to the signalman and the signalman looks into the tunnel. When the signalman looks away from the tunnel you fell a strong vibration and the rumble of the ground of the train in the distance, when a train comes thundering through the black tunnel. The train has long gone but the smoke still lingers in the air, when the smoke has gone all you can see is the back of the train with the little red light. ...read more.


the signalman relaxes. Although the signalman looks relaxed he keeps looking at the red light. When the signalman keeps looking at this a sign of more eeriness present within the story. We don't know what is going on because the signalman wont explain why he keeps looking at the mouth of the tunnel, the mouth of the tunnel looks eerie and all sort of things could happen there, there are hidden dangers and this is fear in the story. The signalman said that he is "troubled" the is fear fearful, the word "hello below their" troubles the signalman and frightens the him but why we don't know. We are given a clue that what is bothering the signalman because he explains a figure at the red light out side the tunnel. ...read more.


As the narrator thinks about what has happened this makes the narrator shudder. The signalman tells the narrator that the ghost returns at the red light buy the tunnel. This makes the story have a stronger sense of eeriness in the story with more danger to come but we don't know what. The ghost returns 6 months later at the red light by the tunnel we sense more eeriness with in the story. The figure has his hand over. This is a sine of grief because of the disaster imminent. the narrator fells faint there is a creepy sense of shock in the air . the signalman give the narrator a ghostly nod. The signalman calls the figure a ghost for the first time the ghost returns and the signalman believes there will be a 3rd tragedy. The signalman is very anxious he has this terrible knowledge that something awful will happen but the signalman dosent know what and carnt do anthing about it. Richard Warman ...read more.

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