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Consider How Effectively Elaine Gaston And Maebh McGuckian Portray Relationships In The Poems 'Seasoned' And 'Arranmore'.

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Consider How Effectively Elaine Gaston And Maebh McGuckian Portray Relationships In The Poems 'Seasoned' And 'Arranmore' Relationships are the backbone of human life. We value some more highly than others, but humans would be lost without their relationships with other people. Some people can describe their relationships or put them forward very well. In the following piece of coursework, I am going to look at how well Elaine Gaston and Maebh McGuckian do this and what effect this has on the reader. Seasoned This poem, at first, seems to be about Elaine caring for her father as he gets older. Although, from my own knowledge, I know that it is instead about her ill father. In short lines, Gaston tells a reminiscent story of her father's life before he became ill. ...read more.


Gaston's admiration for her father is also shown in the same stanza, as she talks of how he 'cycled twenty miles to run a race and won, then cycled twenty home'. This divulge of information shows that she is proud of her father and wants the reader to know that he has always been an amazing person. Gaston's comparison to her father's back as a 'solid Irish oak' tells us how worn, yet strong he is and how she looks on him as reliable, come snow or rain. Also the way she refers to him as having 'carried other people's lives as well as his own' shows how much people depended on him, and how many, and the irony of how, once, he was the leaning post and silent ear for everyone else, he is needing the help himself. ...read more.


How she now feels empty, a void in her life left by her recent partner. The girl she speaks of may be a reference to her as a child, having no mother figure to look up to, and her gold hair, 'fraying like a night-moth's wings' possibly like the rest of her life, frayed and torn. She maybe sees the 'natural cemetery of stones' as a symbol to her life, and maybe even her mother, a lost cause, or a dead one. In conclusion, I have found that although these two poems are completely different they are exactly the same, they both make the reader think about the relationships within them and make the reader feel the extreme ends of the emotional scale. Both poets have used their poems, the language and tone of the language very well to convey the emotion they have locked in their poems. Kelly Ann Craig ...read more.

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