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Consider how far Macbeth is driven by his own ambition, how far he is driven by lady Macbeth's ambition and how far he is driven by the influence of the supernatural powers.

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Macbeth The play 'Macbeth' gives the audience plenty of opportunities to consider the reasons for the main characters actions. In this essay I will consider how far Macbeth is driven by his own ambition how far he is driven by lady Macbeth's ambition and how far he is driven by the influence of the supernatural powers. It may be that Macbeth is fed up of simply being a warrior and may already want more power, although he is already considered as 'Brave Macbeth' The murder of Duncan is partly because of his own ambition to be king partly due to his wife's life ambition to become queen and also the influence of the supernatural. Macbeth is so willing to believe the witches prophecy that he is to become Thane of Cawdor and eventually king Macbeth is struck by the witches prophecy and believes whole-heartedly that it will happen. Banquo however who is predicted to be the father of a line of kings is more suspicious about the prophecy and believes he would be insane to believe it 'have we eaten on the insane root?' Macbeth now feels he has to kill King Duncan in order for the prophecy, his own ambition and his wife's ambition to be fulfilled. ...read more.


Lady Macbeth plans the murder and persuades Macbeth by praising him 'Great glamis! Worthy cawdor! Greater than both, by the hail hereafter' this shows us that Lady Macbeth is forcing Macbeth into a feeling of false security previous to the time she succeeds in persuading him to commit the murder she says to him 'look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under't Macbeth shows himself as a weak man in front of his wife letting her plan the murder. Lady Macbeth tells him to keep his mind clear and to let her take charge of the plotting of the murder. 'To alter favour ever is to fear leave all the rest to me.' The witches and the supernatural play a major part in the play Macbeth. The witches' presence at the beginning of the play Macbeth tells the audience that something mysterious will happen. If the witches were not in the play Macbeth would not have even considered killing Duncan, as the witches' prophecy is the biggest influence over Macbeth. If the witches weren't in the play the atmosphere would be different, Macbeth may not have felt compelled and Malcolm may have become king, Macbeth may have become king or maybe neither of them would have become king. ...read more.


When Banquo dies (Macbeth kills him) Macbeth goes back to the witches demanding answers "tell me thou unknown power." This means he wants to know what will happen and about their unknown powers. In conclusion it is clear that there are many possible reasons why Macbeth behaved in the way he did: he obviously had an ambition to become king, Lady Macbeth pushed him so far that he finally had to admit his desire to be king. As soon as he realises this he feels obliged to carry out Duncan's murder, to fulfil the witches' prophecy, to fulfil his own ambition to become king and to fulfil Lady Macbeth's ambition to become Queen. Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth he can have more power over everyone else to encourage him even more. The witches put the prophecies into Macbeth's head and after the first one comes true, Macbeth realises that to fulfil his ambition he must commit murder and place the blame on Malcolm, to ensure that Malcolm would be unable to become king. Macbeth is power driven and will not stop trying to gain more power it is because of this that he is eventually killed. Without the witches Macbeth probably wouldn't have had the final push to fulfil his ambition. By Amy Jones ...read more.

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